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Through over 160 successful raises, the Equitise team has refined the equity crowdfunding process to get you the best possible outcome.

Crowdfunding Australia

We understand your needs

We understand your business and are experts in positioning you for your raise; we can help put together eye-catching pitch decks, robust financial forecasts, a well-researched valuation and, above all, an attractive investment narrative. 

Crowdfunding Australia

We're with you the whole way

We join you in putting resources into the execution, marketing and PR. It is not a “self-serve” model. Our reputation relies on a hugely successful outcome for you!

Crowdfunding Australia

Connect with Australia's top investors

We can offer a unique “bookbuild” approach by setting up wholesale introductions with HNWs, leading consumer growth VC and PE funds, family offices and industry figures who can anchor the round, and become board advisors/ members etc. Smart money, not just “mum and dad” investors.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Equitise do as part of the capital raising process?

Equitise have a range of in-house capabilities that assist with every stage of the campaign launch and we tailor the strategy to meet the exact needs of the venture. This enables us to maintain a market leading success rate, client retention rate and user retention rate for our capital raises.

What type of capital raise should I do?

Equitise offers several types of raises including retail equity crowdfunds, wholesale offers and IPOs. After you fill out the application form, we’ll discuss your options on the kick off call. The type of raise you do often depends on several factors including what your product/service is and what your aims are for the capital raise.

What does the equity crowdfund cost?

We charge an upfront fee to cover all the support we offer to get a campaign up and running including help with marketing and creation of the offer document, and varies from company to company. We then charge a commission of the total funds raised averaging at around 6%. Wholesale deals and IPOs are charged a different fee structure. There are no other hidden or ongoing costs.

How does your process differ from other platforms for raising capital?

We offer a comprehensive suite of services for companies looking to undertake any sort of capital raise which we have built up and refined over more almost a decade of operation. 

We also offer post-raise services including registry and a secondary trading solution which is already in use by one of Australia’s largest beer brands. 

The platform has been rebuilt to ensure the process for you is streamlined and transparent. Sitting above all of this is our team dedicated professionals who are now some of the most experienced in Australia when it comes to equity crowdfunding.

What is your success rate?

To date, we have completed over 163 offers successfully and have raised over $93 million. Our success rate, when an offer hits the minimum funding target, is over 86%.

What is the average amount of capital you have raised for your clients?

Equitise offers various sorts of capital raises including wholesale, equity crowdfunding and IPOs. The amount a company raises will be dependent on the stage they are and runway, this will vary anywhere between $100,000 - $5,000,000. The average we see companies raise is around $500,000.

I am interested in proceeding. What’s the next step?

Great news. Click here, fill out the questions and we will arrange a kick off call.

Crowdfunding Australia
Nick ArmstrongCo-founder and Chairman at Identitii Ltd
Raised $1.7m

"We engaged Equitise to manage the Chairman's list and also the retail spread requirements for our ASX listing.

The process of engagement and running the offer was very slick and we were very happy with the outcome.

The Equitise team worked extremely hard on the transaction and I was very impressed with their output. We would happily recommend Equitise to any future prospective client."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Will DaviesCEO at Car Next Door
Raised $980,000

"We have worked with Equitise a couple of times now to support the Car Next Door business in its capital raising strategy.

Over both engagements we found the Equitise team to be professional and genuinely passionate in assisting our team yield the results we were looking for.

We hope that one day we may be able to utilise their platform to conduct a full retail offer to the public through equity crowdfunding."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Ben DixonCEO at Humaniti
Raised $430,000

"We interviewed a number of ECF businesses but decided on Equitise because we liked the fit, the breadth of work they’d done and the opportunity to have a more liquid platform down the line. The process for us was really good.

The outcome was we had 292 new investors. Many of whom are members of our platform who are delighted to be part of our journey. Many have asked how they can invest again. But also having those brand advocates out there - giving us greater awareness in the public area - has been really good for us."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Cary StynesChairman at Botanic Wellness
Raised $406,000

"Botanic Wellness conducted a capital raising in September 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, and the fact that the offer was only open for less than 2 weeks, we raised over $400k from a group of investors who see as much potential in the CBD hemp sector as we do.

With a legal and financial background, and having conducted numerous capital raisings, large and small, for public and private companies over 25 years, I was extremely impressed with the level of crowdfunding experience and knowledge that the Equitise team had.

They are extremely passionate about what they do and are very much driven to get the best outcome for the companies and investors that they take on.

We would be delighted to work with the Equitise team again in the future and look forward to Equitise being involved in the Company’s upcoming ASX listing."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Daniel LiManaging Director at ReadiiTel
Raised $425,000

"ReadiiTel surpassed our minimum target of $300K in just 12 days. We were really impressed with the process and team and delighted at gaining 154 investors who are aligned with our mission.

As a B2B business, we didn't have a large database but Equitise helped us promote the offer beyond our network and customers through paid advertising and press.

I would really recommend using the team and platform for their professionalism, high level of service and experience."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Larah LoutatiCo-Founder at Vitable

"We raised money last year with the Equitise team and we really enjoyed the process from start to finish.

They managed the whole process efficiently and their ability to move quickly has been extremely helpful. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use.

They also have a valuable network of wholesale investors. We highly recommend them!"

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