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It's never been easier to discover, invest and share in the success of Australia's startups and high-growth businesses.

Crowdfunding Australia

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Anyone over the age of 18 can easily sign up for free. You'll be able to access all our offers, ask founders any questions, and invest after your investor profile is complete.

Crowdfunding Australia

Grow with them

Become an investor in the companies you believe in. By joining their journey, you can choose to get involved and help the startup grow and succeed.

Crowdfunding Australia

Share in the success

When the offer successfully closes, you'll become a legal, ordinary shareholder. Receive regular shareholder updates and interact with the founders.

Crowdfunding Australia

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is a way for start-ups to raise funds for growth. It's a new way for everyday people to invest in these start-ups, too. Via equity crowdfunding platforms like Equitise, anyone can buy shares in unlisted companies they feel passionate about, sharing in the company's success.

Finding investing in a startup early on can get you a significant return on investment. Whilst no one can accurately predict which startups will go on to succeed, Equitise gives you access to only highly-vetted startups that are thoroughly screened.

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Ways to invest with us

Investing in an unlisted business means you get in on the ground floor at the beginning of its journey. As long as you’re 18 or over, you’ve got options for how to invest. The path you choose depends on what you’re after and if you’re a Retail or Wholesale Investor.

Equity Crowdfunding

$85 million raised over 145 successful offers

The most common way to invest and become a shareholder in a business. Anyone can invest in equity crowdfunds and own a piece of the highly-vetted startups we raise for.


$20 million raised over 56 successful offers

Get access to funding rounds from seed through to pre-IPO. To jump on a wholesale opportunity, you need to earn over $250,000 or have $2.5M in net assets.


$5 million raised over 15 successful offers

Invest in more established businesses through these shorter term investments. Anyone can take a stake in an initial public offering (IPO). Shares can be sold at any time on the ASX.

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