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Crowdfunding Australia

Jonny Wilkinson

Co-founder and Director (the devil in the detail)

Jonny has extensive experience in equity markets and marketing with a personal investment philosophy focused on high growth companies. His passion for innovation drove him to co-found Equitise as a platform where Australian and New Zealand businesses could access the capital they need to grow.

He is an advisor to the Australian Treasurer on Fintech and was central to the legislative changes in the Equity Crowdfunding market in Australia.

Jonny likes to play hockey, watersports, the beach and sharing good food and wine with friends & family.

The dot joiners


Crowdfunding Australia

Kevin Shi

Investment Associate

Kevin works in the Fundraising team at Equitise. He uses his keen eye for detail and background in Finance and Law to conduct due diligence and assess the potential of exciting startups for capital raises on the platform.

Kevin is passionate about connecting high-growth businesses with Equitise’s extensive investor network, fostering mutual growth and success.

Away from the numbers, Kevin is an avid tennis enthusiast, spending weekends on the court or watching highlights of the latest matches. His leisure time also often consists of roping friends in to book a new ski trip.

The communicators


Crowdfunding Australia

Claire Blackall

Head of Marketing

Claire leads the marketing team, overseeing the delivery of marketing and communications for the Equitise brand, as well as consulting to our clients, giving them the support and advice they need to succeed in their raise.

Originally from the UK Claire has been in the industry for over 12 years and has worked across a number of industries including energy, food and beverage, hospitality and entertainment. She has experience across all areas of marketing, although her speciality is brand. 

Claire is a scientist at heart and brings this alive in her day job with her data led, evidence based approach. In her spare time you can find her running, spending time with friends or at the library studying for her Psychology degree.

Crowdfunding Australia

Courtney Green

Campaign Manager

Courtney looks after the day to day of the campaigns. The main point of contact for clients during the campaign period, she is there to assist in making sure the timeline of events are executed by all parties.

Courtney has years of Account Management experience, servicing clients from a range of industries from Payments to Media Monitoring. She thrives on being able to build strong relationships with those she works with.

When Courtney is not working you'll find her at the park or the beach with her dog Monty.

The executors


Crowdfunding Australia

Ahmet Erturk

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer, Ahmet is passionate about building technologies that deliver purposeful solutions and delightful user experiences. 

Having studied Engineering and experienced working in multiple engineering projects throughout his career, Ahmet has strong capabilities when it comes to solving complex problems and managing multiple tasks within different teams. 

Ahmet is driven by entrepreneurship and innovation and loves that the product of his work contributes to the constant development of technology. In his free time, he enjoys participating in team sports. 

Crowdfunding Australia

Justin Lee

Software Engineer

Justin enjoys the challenge of solving the many puzzles that come with our rapidly evolving technical stack. He is also passionate in his dedication to creating and optimizing interactive, user-friendly, and feature-rich websites.

Having worked previously in design and architecture, Justin’s strong creative and technical abilities led to the delivery of projects of many different scales across Sydney. He leverages his skillset to approach problems with efficiency and thoroughness.

In his downtime he enjoys tennis, badminton, skiing, spending quality time with his family, and catching up with friends.

Leadership Team

Board & Advisors

Crowdfunding Australia

Cathy Kovacs

Advisory, investor in Equitise personally
Crowdfunding Australia

Chris Gilbert

Co-founder and Advisor

Crowdfunding Australia

Toby Heap

Advisor, investor in Equitise both personally and through H2 Ventures
Crowdfunding Australia

Mehrab Ebadi

Non Executive Director, investor in Equitise personally
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