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From seed rounds to IPOs, we can help you raise the capital you need by accessing one of Australia’s largest investor communities and building a tribe of passionate investors. Our team of experienced finance, technology and marketing professionals will support you through your growth and fundraising plans.

Crowdfunding Australia

Connect with Australia's top investors

We have a database of over 50,000 investors including angels, PE and VC firms, family offices and industry figures. In the past, we have arranged high-profile pitches, coordinated significant PE investment and assisted in finding board members and advisors.

Crowdfunding Australia

More than just capital...

The offer is also a huge marketing campaign for your company that builds a community of brand ambassadors, and can create buzz around a new launch (product, venue, service etc), brand awareness and build a community of passionate supporters who are invested in the success of your business. 

Crowdfunding Australia

It Doesn’t End at The Raise

Equitise can also support you after the capital raise by offering advice on share registry services, and offer advice on future rounds and introductions to future investors.

We have also developed a proprietary secondary market solution that allows the subsequent sale and trading of shares. We have used this solution for well known names such as Stone & Wood.

The Capital Raise Process
Our approach is a partnership for success, not a “self service” model

The results speak for themselves….we have delivered an 86% success rate

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1. Offer preparation

Work with our fundraising team to prepare your company for a capital raise.This includes advice on financial forecasts and valuation, legal documents and pitch decks. They will also help you write the offer document, which is the main information pack for your potential investors.

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2. Expression of interest (EOI)

Validate the investor demand for your capital raise before doing the heavy lifting. An EOI marketing campaign is fast and simple and has minimal costs to get started.

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3. Private launch

The offer is open to an exclusive group which might include your previous investors, close network and top customers.  Once the raise has some momentum, we then give access to EOIs (which can range in number from 500 to 2,000+).

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4. Public launch

It’s go time! The offer is open to everyone and as much traffic as possible should be driven to the offer page through marketing. The total campaign runs for approximately 6 weeks but we have closed the most demand raises in days.

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5. Campaign ends

Once you hit the minimum funding target (100% funded), the offer is regarded as successful and the raise will then go into ‘overfunding’. The offer ends when you hit the maximum funding target or the timer finishes.

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6. Receive funds

After the capital raise closes, we settle the funds and work with your share registry service to update your capital table. Once the shares are issued, we then transfer you the total funds (net of our fees). We can give you advice and support on matters such as reporting obligations and future rounds. It is then over to you to welcome your new shareholders! 

Crowdfunding Australia
Nick ArmstrongCo-founder and Chairman at Identitii Ltd
Raised $1.7m

"We engaged Equitise to manage the Chairman's list and also the retail spread requirements for our ASX listing.

The process of engagement and running the offer was very slick and we were very happy with the outcome.

The Equitise team worked extremely hard on the transaction and I was very impressed with their output. We would happily recommend Equitise to any future prospective client."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Will DaviesCEO at Car Next Door
Raised $980,000

"We have worked with Equitise a couple of times now to support the Car Next Door business in its capital raising strategy.

Over both engagements we found the Equitise team to be professional and genuinely passionate in assisting our team yield the results we were looking for.

We hope that one day we may be able to utilise their platform to conduct a full retail offer to the public through equity crowdfunding."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Ben DixonCEO at Humaniti
Raised $430,000

"We interviewed a number of ECF businesses but decided on Equitise because we liked the fit, the breadth of work they’d done and the opportunity to have a more liquid platform down the line. The process for us was really good.

The outcome was we had 292 new investors. Many of whom are members of our platform who are delighted to be part of our journey. Many have asked how they can invest again. But also having those brand advocates out there - giving us greater awareness in the public area - has been really good for us."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Cary StynesChairman at Botanic Wellness
Raised $406,000

"Botanic Wellness conducted a capital raising in September 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, and the fact that the offer was only open for less than 2 weeks, we raised over $400k from a group of investors who see as much potential in the CBD hemp sector as we do.

With a legal and financial background, and having conducted numerous capital raisings, large and small, for public and private companies over 25 years, I was extremely impressed with the level of crowdfunding experience and knowledge that the Equitise team had.

They are extremely passionate about what they do and are very much driven to get the best outcome for the companies and investors that they take on.

We would be delighted to work with the Equitise team again in the future and look forward to Equitise being involved in the Company’s upcoming ASX listing."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Daniel LiManaging Director at ReadiiTel
Raised $425,000

"ReadiiTel surpassed our minimum target of $300K in just 12 days. We were really impressed with the process and team and delighted at gaining 154 investors who are aligned with our mission.

As a B2B business, we didn't have a large database but Equitise helped us promote the offer beyond our network and customers through paid advertising and press.

I would really recommend using the team and platform for their professionalism, high level of service and experience."

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Crowdfunding Australia
Larah LoutatiCo-Founder at Vitable

"We raised money last year with the Equitise team and we really enjoyed the process from start to finish.

They managed the whole process efficiently and their ability to move quickly has been extremely helpful. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use.

They also have a valuable network of wholesale investors. We highly recommend them!"

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