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Making feeling good an everyday thing.

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For investments between: $250 - $999

10% Lifetime Discount


For investments between: $1,000 - $2,499

10% Lifetime Discount

Free Clean Greens Powder


For investments between: $2,500 - $4,999

15% Lifetime Discount

Free Clean Greens Powder

Free Collagen Plus Hyaluronic Acid Powder


For investments between: $5,000 - $9,999

15% Lifetime Discount

Free Clean Greens Powder

Free Collagen Plus Hyaluronic Acid Powder

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For investments above: $10,000

20% Lifetime Discount

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Company Overview

Vitable is a HealthTech company dedicated to simplifying consumer health and wellbeing. Founded in 2019 by Larah and Ilyas, the Company's mission is to provide personalised health solutions that help individuals achieve their health goals.

At Vitable, we understand that the abundance of health information, products and solutions can be confusing and overwhelming. We also understand that everyone is unique. That's why, following a simple online assessment about individuals’ unique health goals, diet and lifestyle, Vitable users receive a personalised vitamin and supplement recommendation based on their unique profile. Through our convenient subscription model, our customers receive monthly deliveries of personalised vitamin packs, directly to their doorstep. Through our innovative mobile app, our customers can track their progress, receive ongoing support from our nutritionists and get personalised diet and lifestyle tips - so they can get optimum health benefits.

Since its launch, Vitable has experienced rapid expansion, serving customers across Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region. In a short period, Vitable has served over 100,000 customers and has reached $9.9M in revenue in the last 12 months only. A testament to the meaningful brand and experience that we have built, we have a very loyal customer base and a high referral rate, with 40% of customers referring Vitable at least one friend or family member.

The team at Vitable takes great pride in its thoughtfully formulated range of vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and specialty products. All our products are formulated based on our customers’ unique needs, using high quality ingredients in the appropriate dosage and in their most absorbable form for optimum results. All the products are also manufactured and packed in Australia, and adhere to the highest standards such as Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

With the support of leading venture capital investors, including Global Founders Capital, Brenteca, Commencer and Artesian, Vitable is poised to continue its expansion domestically and internationally.

Investment Highlights

  1. Subscription-Based Revenue

    The company has built a business model based on 100% subscription revenue. In the month of January 2023, 72% of revenue generated was from recurring customer subscriptions, with the remainder from new customers acquired. The Company has also seen over 40% of customers refer their friends and family to use Vitable. This provides a predictable and recurring revenue stream.

  2. Strong Domestic and International Traction

    Since 2019 the company has already acquired over 100,000 customers across 5 countries and has grown revenue to over $9.9M in the last 12 months. International orders account for 20% of the monthly revenue, demonstrating the strength of the company’s international expansion strategy. The company has also doubled gross margins since launch in 2019, which sit at 70% as of March 2023, with room for further improvement.

  3. Competitive Unit Economics

    The company has consistently optimised unit economics over the last 3 years. The payback period for a new customer now sits at 3 months, thanks to competitive unit economics including LTV. The company believes there is still significant room for growth, and the foundations have been set for the company to scale and move towards long-term profitability.

  4. High quality, Australia-Made Products

    At Vitable, we are committed to the highest standard of quality. Our products are thoughtfully formulated by our team of health experts leveraging the latest science, and are manufactured in Australia using high quality ingredients. We choose ingredients based on their bioavailability (how well they’re absorbed by the body) and always research the dosage that has scientific backing to provide a health benefit.

  5. Proprietary Technology and Rich Data

    Vitable have developed proprietary AI and machine learning technology to tailor the optimal product plan for each customer based on their unique needs, while continuously learning and improving conversion, basket size and retention. This is coupled with millions of data points captured by Vitable regarding consumer behaviour helping Vitable address unmet needs. The Company’s unique mobile App has seen improved measurable health outcomes for clients, and increased considerably customer stickiness and retention for Vitable.

  6. Trusted and Engaging Brand

    The company’s commitment to quality and superior customer experience has seen it achieve an NPS of 55 and over 40% of customers having referred at least 1 friend via email. Hundreds of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot with an average of 4.9/5 is a testament to the strong brand the company has built.

  7. Experienced Team and Advisors

    Founders Larah and Ilyas combine extensive management consulting experience with high-growth brand and marketing expertise acquired during their time at Rocket Internet and HelloFresh. They are backed by seasoned investors and advisors including the founder of Life Space Probiotics and the former MD of Blackmores Asia, and an expert health advisory board.


Team Member

Larah Loutati

Co-Founder, Director

Larah has a deep passion for health, nutrition and wellbeing. She started her career in France where she spent 4+ years in finance consulting at Deloitte. Upon moving to Australia she spent 3+ years working at HelloFresh Australia from early stage through to IPO. As the Head of Customer Experience at HelloFresh AU, and having spent significant time in product development, she carries this passion for customer experience into Vitable.

Team Member

Ilyas Anane

Co-Founder, Director

Ilyas is a brand and marketing guru having spent most of his career in growth marketing at high growth companies. After working for Deloitte in France in their M&A team, Ilyas moved to Singapore where he was the Chief Marketing Officer for a venture backed by Rocket Internet. He brings his passion for growth marketing and brand daily into his work at Vitable.

Team Member

Ben McHarg

Non-Executive Director

Ben is an experienced health-tech entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the sector. He was the Founder of Life-Space Probiotics which sold to By-Health for $700m in 2019 and is currently a Partner at Brenteca Investments which is an investment fund focused primarily on early-stage, high-growth healthtech investments.


For further detail please see section 2.13 of the Offer Document.

Use of Funds

For further detail please see section 3.2 of the Offer Document.

Key Risks

Competition Risk

The Company operates in a competitive environment with a combination of large and emerging players domestically and internationally. Internationally there are other Companies that are focusing on leveraging technology to deliver personalised vitamin and supplement subscriptions to consumers. In recent times large local players have looked to move into this sector of the market. Whilst the Company is a leader in the Australian market, the emergence of other competitors targeting the Company’s niche may impact their market share, customer acquisition and retention.


To address the competition risk, the company maintains a strong market position by consistently enhancing its offerings. By focusing on delivering exceptional value, customer satisfaction, and unique features, Vitable aims to mitigate the impact of competitors and maintain its leadership in the Australian market. Additionally, the company closely monitors emerging players and adjusts its strategies accordingly to maintain a competitive edge.

Legal Risk

The Company sells ingestible vitamins and supplements. Should any of these products not be taken appropriately by customers or should any of them lead to detrimental health issues to customers due to sine defect, the company might be exposed to legal action.


The company ensures that all its products meet high-quality standards and regulatory requirements. Vitable adheres to strict manufacturing processes and conducts thorough quality control and maintains clear and accurate product information, instructions, and warnings to educate customers about appropriate usage. 

Technology and Data Risk

The Company has built a proprietary technology stack that enables the company to provide personalised recommendations to customers. To date over 780,000 assessments have been completed. Its mobile app also enables users to track and optimise key lifestyle and diet goals. This has provided the company with rich data which it uses to empower customers to make informed health decisions. However this also exposes the company to the risk of data breaches as hackers and scammers seek access to personal data of its customer base.


Vitable employs robust security measures and privacy practices. The Company invests systems and protocols to safeguard its proprietary technology stack and customer data. Vitable also implements strict access controls and encryption methods to protect customer information. The company adheres to relevant data protection regulations and follows best practices for data storage and handling.

Expansion Risk

The Company is looking to continue expansion into new geographies. Expansions into new geographies carries risk with each market having its own set of regulations, market dynamics, consumer behaviour and competitive landscape. Entry into a new market also requires an investment of capital and internal resources to be successful. This provides an execution risk to the company as it enters these new markets which may impact cash-flow.


Vitable adopts a cautious and strategic approach. The Company conducts comprehensive market research and analysis to understand the regulations, consumer behaviour, competitive landscape, and market dynamics of each target market. The company only allocates necessary capital and internal resources to first determine that the new targeted market launch can be successful.

Regulatory Risk

Vitables range of vitamins and supplements are listed medicine on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Any change to this may impact the Company’s ability to market and sell the product in Australia.


The Company stays updated with the guidelines and requirements set by regulatory bodies such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia. Vitable ensures that its range of vitamins and supplements is listed as medicine on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and complies with all applicable regulations.

Supply Risk

A core value proposition of the Company is its seamless user experience and direct to consumer model that provides convenience for subscribers. Should there be any impact to the manufacture and supply of the Company’s products to consumers, this may negatively impact customer experience. This may also impact the Company’s brand leading to customer churn.


The company establishes robust supplier relationships and conducts thorough due diligence to ensure a reliable and consistent supply of its products. Vitable maintains contingency plans and alternative sourcing options to mitigate any disruptions in the supply chain. Additionally, the Company closely monitors inventory levels and demand patterns to anticipate and address any potential supply challenges.

Funding Risk

The Company is not yet profitable and requires external funding to supplement its cash flow from operating activities. The Company may also need to raise additional funds in the future from investors or third parties. There is no assurance that the Company will be able to obtain additional rounds of funding which will impact the Company’s ability to meet its business objectives. The Company may need to scale back operations which will impact growth and ongoing value of the business.


The company regularly seeks external funding through investors and third-party sources to supplement its cash flow from operating activities. It maintains strong relationships with existing investors that have continued to back the company over multiple funding rounds. Vitable maintains a strong financial management strategy, carefully monitoring cash flow and expenses. The company also demonstrates its value proposition and growth potential to attract potential new investors and secure additional funding rounds.

Performance Risk

As a direct-to-consumer model, the performance of the company depends on the evolution of its unit economics along with its activity size. In particular, customer acquisition cost can be volatile based on both external and internal factors.


Vitable closely tracks performance metrics, makes data-driven decisions, and continuously refines its unit economics understanding.

In addition, the company analyses external market factors, such as industry trends and competitive dynamics, to adapt its strategies accordingly. Internally, Vitable continually optimises its operational processes and marketing efforts to improve the efficiency of customer acquisition and retention.

Key Person Risk

The Company is an early-stage business that is led by its Co-founders who have been critical to the success of the Company to date.  If one of the founders or another key team member was lost, due to illness for example, this could significantly affect the Company’s ability to continue its operations or achieve its business objectives as the case may be.


The company recognises the critical role played by its co-founders and key team members. Vitable’s approach is to create a robust leadership pipeline and foster a culture of shared knowledge and expertise to help support business continuity.