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Ales of the Unexpected

Townshend Brewery

    Company Overview

    Townshend Brewery is a Nelson-based craft brewery.

    Our philosophy is simple: source the best ingredients, treat them with respect and you’ll produce a great product. Combine the best hops the world has to offer with water drawn up from the ancient Motueka aquifer combined with malted barley, yeast and a large dose of passion and the end product is something that we are truly proud to put our name on.

    Our product range includes a selection of 440mL cans available across the country, a core range of brews in a range of sizes, as well as a seasonal experimental range, to keep our community interested and excited.

    Our founder, Martin Townshend, kicked things off in 2005, and we've continually achieved great progress along the way:

    • In 2010 we added new tanks to account for our rapid growth
    • In 2014 we were anointed Champion Brewery of NZ
    • In 2016 we relocated to a new custom built Brewery facility in Motueka, conveniently located behind Toad Hall, one of the regions busiest cafes
    • In 2019 we installed new tanks again to boost capacity
    • In 2021 we were anointed one of New World's Top 30, launching our brand into a national supermarket chain

    Now, we're raising external capital for the first time, at a pivotal moment for the brand. With additional capital, we will be in a position to really accelerate our growth. Hiring additional staff, expanding our distribution channels and enhancing the brewery experience are just a selection from a raft of exciting initiatives.

    "We brew the way people have done for centuries, and our brews have the depth of flavour that comes from small batch fermentation."

    Martin Townshend, Founder

    Investment Highlights


      Since inception the brewery has been recognised with consistent industry awards, including several gold medals at the NZ Brewers Guild Awards, awarded NZ’s Champion Brewery in 2014, New World Top 30 in the beer and cider awards 2021, amongst many others.


      Amongst a backdrop of difficult trading conditions, the brewery has continued to grow year on year to $700k in revenue and a $126k in EBITDA, 18% EBITDA margin (FY23) coming off a strong and profitable FY22 with a 13% EBITDA margin.


      The new brewery was fitted with solar panels in 2018 to run the brew house. We use recycled packaging where possible and we have a 60,000L water tank that collects rain water off the building which we use for cleaning to ensure we only draw water for brewing.


      The brewery has established a formidable local following and sales nationwide are currently 15% and growing.


      Being independent we can focus on creating high-quality, handcrafted beers. We can experiment with different ingredients, brewing techniques, and flavour profiles to produce unique and distinctive brews. This emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail can attract beer enthusiasts who appreciate the art of brewing.


      Key to our success to date lies in our exceptional flexibility in distribution, leading to a healthy mix of customers across bars, restaurants, supermarkets and traditional liquor stores.

    Why Equity Crowdfunding

    We’ve chosen to equity crowdfund as a way to give back to the community and give our loyal customers and supporters an opportunity to invest in a family-owned craft brewery. Our customers are the heart of our operation and why not reward them with the opportunity to become a shareholder. We have had a solid track record so far, but we have big dreams and ambition for the future.