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Spinifex Brewing Co

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  • Price per share: AUD$1

Award-winning craft brewery based in WA producing beers infused with native Australian Botanicals.

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Spinifex Brewing Co

Spinifex Brewing Co is now accepting investments!

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    : $250

Offer Overview

Key Documents

What is Spinifex Brewing Co?

Spinifex Brewery Pty Ltd (“Spinifex”) is a veteran-owned craft beer brand headquartered in Broome, Western Australia. 

Incorporated in 2019 following two years of research and development, Spinifex dared to be different by creating a range of beers infused with native Australian Botanicals. Spinifex currently offers two brands - The Spinifex “Taste of Australia” brand and the “F88” brand. Our “Taste of Australia” range has won Silver and Bronze medals in one of the world's most prestigious competitions, the 2020 and 2021 London Beer Competition. Meanwhile, our “F88” brand has been developed to support veteran charities, where 50% of profits from the sale of F88 Lager are donated to the F88 campaign.

Our beer range has a rapidly expanding off-premise and on-premise presence and is sold in over 460 distribution outlets across Australia, including Vintage Cellars, BWS, and Dan Murphy’s stores. We also have a strong distribution network across pubs, RSLs and restaurants. Likewise, the F88 Lager and the F88 Campaign have been recognised internationally and the company is in discussions to supply the 2023 Invictus Games in Dusseldorf.

Spinifex has seen a rapid trajectory to date, in spite of COVID, and is averaging monthly growth of 30% with revenues of $530K for FY21 (annualised $1.1m, based on Q4 revenue of $277K). In July alone, we had $87K in revenue. Based on the performance to date, and growth strategy.  The forecast (domestic only) revenue for FY22 is $3.2m, growing to $6.7m in FY23.

Our unique story around the inclusion of Aboriginal producers within our supply chain, our support of Australian veterans and our ability to produce award winning beers has resonated strongly with customers. To date, the reception and customer feedback has been incredible, and is expected to continue. We are committed to achieving our goal of bringing the “Taste of Australia” to the world.

Crowdfunding Australia

Investment Highlights

  1. Beer of Choice for Australia’s Veteran Community

    Spinifex’s leadership and commitment to veteran wellbeing by establishing the F88 Campaign has established the Spinifex brand as the prime choice for serving ADF members and veterans across Australia. Whilst COVID has slowed the rollout to tap venues, the continued demand for packaged in the off-premise has skyrocketed and our brand is building an exceptionally strong following in Australia’s veteran community.

  2. Championing Australian Ingredients and Indigenous Supply Chains

    Spinifex is built around our usage of a range of native Australian ingredients and botanicals in the unique flavours of our beers. Our goal is to take these ingredients to the world stage and give them the international recognition they deserve, all through key Indigenous supply chains. Spinifex has also launched the first of our non-alcoholic range.

  3. Wide Distribution Presence

    Spinifex has established a broad distribution presence across WA and nationwide. For packaged sales, we are sold in over 290 off-premise stores nationally, including BWS, Dan Murphy's Vintage Cellars, Liquor Barons, Cellarbrations and many independent Liquor stores. In total, we distribute to over 460 outlets across Australia including RSLs, pubs and restaurants. To date, we have been primarily limited by supply constraints.

  4. Major Partnerships Established

    Spinifex has built key network partnerships nationally to underpin a rapid on-premise growth strategy, and create further brand awareness for off-premise sales. These include relationships with the ADF at unit and Brigade level, The Returned and Services League, Veterans Motorcycle Club, The ALH Group, Prendiville Group and hospitality groups. Internationally, the brand has entered negotiations to be the official beer supplier to the 2023 Invictus games.

  5. Pivotal Moment in Strategy

    We have a range of growth opportunities on the horizon, both domestically and further abroad. Using the funds from this campaign, we will fit out our 24HL world class brewery and soon to be announced flagship Spinifex Ale House to expand our on-premise activity. We will also be able to grow our national distribution presence, and formally enter our key initial export markets.

  6. Strong Export Market Opportunity

    To date, Australian craft beers have had a limited presence on the broader export market. We aim to utilise our unique native botanical ingredients to champion Indigenous flavours on the world stage. We aim to replicate the extraordinary success of Fosters and truly create a globally recognised Australian brand by taking the “Taste of Australia”  to the world. We are currently establishing exports to markets in Northern Europe and South America, with discussions to increase distribution globally.

  7. Experienced Management Team

    Spinifex is led by a talented team, with both Indigenous and veteran co-founders across management. With brewing, leadership and business experience, alongside a strong social impact focus, we are well positioned for rapid growth.

What Makes Spinifex Brewing Co Different?

The craft beer, veteran community and export markets have responded positively and are inspired by the Spinifex story, as we have crafted a premium craft beer that is different, delicious, and “Doing Good with Great Beer”.

Our “Taste of Australia” brand has inspired many with its story of supporting Aboriginal producers, driving engagement and adoption of the brand across WA amongst the state's premier luxury hotel chains, retail chains, small bars, clubs and liquor outlets.

In addition, our “F88'' brand has been embraced widely by RSLs, serving ADF members and veterans across Australia. Spinifex will achieve a significant milestone for our “F88”  brand if we succeed in becoming an official beer supplier for the 2023 Invictus Games, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Beyond our commitment to Aboriginal economic advancement and support to veteran wellbeing, our Indigenous and veteran ownership and innovation through botanical fusion has allowed us to grow rapidly and develop a strong following. To prove this point, Spinifex’s unique story is showcased in the Innovations Gallery of the Western Australian museum.

Our Charity Partners

The F88 Campaign is dedicated to the memory of SIG Geoffrey GREGG (Afghanistan) who sadly took his life on 23rd September 2006 because of his severe PTSD. The campaign was created to raise and direct funds to support the healing and mental wellbeing of returned service personnel. 50% of the profits from every single F88 beer sold is set aside in a trust, with a grant process established to support various military charities. 

Current charity partners include:

- Connected By (WA)

- Trek 2 Health (QLD and NT) 

- Sydney Combined Forces RFC (NSW) 

- Walk for a Veteran With PTSD (SA) 


Crowdfunding Australia

Product Range

Spinifex has two beer brands - The Spinifex “Taste of Australia” brand and the “F88”  brand. Our “Taste of Australia” brand consists of 6 craft beers made using native ingredients sourced from Aboriginal producers. Our “F88” brand, consisting of the F88 Lager, has been established to support the veteran community, with 50% of profits being donated to veteran charities. 

Myrtle Summer Ale 3.5% ABV

This light-coloured summer ale has been infused with lemon myrtle leaf from regional Australia, making for a unique and aromatic flavoured beer with a light yet enthralling flavours of citrus and nectar. The beer is very refreshing and easy to drink on warm sunny days with friends and on your next fishing trip, BBQ or picnic.

Wattle Amber Ale 3.5% ABV

This rich, well-crafted mid strength amber ale has been infused with roasted Australian wattle seed from the Roelands region of Southwest Western Australia. This beer has a flavour that is rich and dark, with a hint of smoky caramel. This is a beer for savouring with friends.

Spinifex Ale 4.2% ABV

A light style pale ale, this beer is a full-bodied ale with the flavours of wildflowers and rich hops and a hint of nectar in the finish. A nice easy drinking ale.

Honey Myrtle Ale 4.2% ABV

This fruity hand-crafted ale has been infused with honey myrtle sourced from regional Western Australia. This beer imparts a rich nectar and fruity flavour, creating an ale with great character and charm. Perfect for informal weekend afternoons with family and friends, the Honey Myrtle gives the depth and flavour of a nice full strength pale ale.

Geraldton Wax Ginger Beer 3.5% ABV

This is a fruity hand-crafted ginger beer that has been infused with Geraldton wax flowers sourced from regional Western Australia, and is fully flavoured with subtle citrus and nectar flavours from the wax flowers, adding a light sweetness. This is a beer for warm days with friends, and it has the depth and flavour of a traditional ginger beer.

West Australian Pale Ale 5.0% ABV

A traditional American style pale ale infused with Geraldton wax plant needles sourced from regional Western Australia. This beer is a full flavoured ale with flavours of citrus, pine needles, bubblegum and a hint of Marmalade. This is a full-strength beer with a tonne of personality, perfect for informal afternoons with family and friends.

F88 Lager 4.2% ABV

A smooth thirst-crushing easy drinking lager. 50% of profits raised from the sale of F88 Lager (named after the Australian Defence Force Rifle the F88 Austeyr)  is donated to Veterans Mental Health Charities. F88 Lager is dedicated to the memory of 8246320 Signaller Geffrey Phillip Gregg ( 152 Sig Sqn Afghanistan), who sadly took his life on 23rd September 2006 as a result of his struggle with PTSD.

Business Model

Spinifex is involved in the development, contract manufacturing, and sales and distribution of craft beer to the domestic and international markets. We have an omnichannel revenue stream, across wholesale sales in on-premise (hotels and pubs), off-premise (bottle shops), and online (third party) channels.

Beer Production

Currently, we work with third-party contract breweries to produce both of our craft beer brands. With this fundraise, we will bring this in-house with the construction of our own brewery.

Supply Chain

To craft our Taste of Australia range, we utilise native ingredients sourced from Aboriginal producers in regional WA. Our Head Brewer supervises all aspects of the fusion of botanicals into each Taste of Australia batch.  

We are working with supply chain partners to expand our supply of native botanicals. We are also exploring native botanical supply with Aboriginal producers on the East Coast of Australia.

We have established security of supply for all non botanical fusion ingredients, including a partnership with veteran-owned Diggers Rest for the supply of oats needed to produce the Spinifex Low Alcohol Lager for the “F88” range.

Distribution Network

We have a network of national distribution partners, and have entered discussions with exporters.

Current distribution partners providing coverage outside of WA include ALM nationally, Paramount in NSW, Victoria, SA and Queensland, and the Beer Cartel. Shipping is arranged through the Machship Portal. Distribution to WA metro customers is undertaken via a combination of Spinifex direct deliveries and distribution by ALM or Liquor Traders and CTI Logistics.

Spinifex is currently in the early stages of developing an export strategy. We currently have 4 export partners that provide us access to markets including Japan, South America, Northern Europe, and South East Asia. We are in discussions with a fifth to gain access to Germany.

Crowdfunding Australia

Sales Channels

Both of our brands are currently available at c.460 wholesale outlets (both on-premise and off-premise) across Australia, as well as in third-party online outlets such as Beer Cartel. Internationally, we are trialling shipments, with plans to rollout a robust export channel.

Off-Premise (Wholesale)

We have established supply to over 290 off-premise locations nationally, through both independents and chains. These include Liquor Barons, Cellarbrations, Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Vintage Cellars, BottleMart, and SipnSave.

On-Premise (Wholesale)

We are now featured at 170 venues across Australia, where we are ranged on both permanent taps and rotational taps that are shared with other craft breweries. We are currently working with these venues to ensure we grow organically within them, increasing sales per tap. These venues include hotels, high-end tourist resorts, restaurants, and bars.

For our F88 Lager, we also sell wholesale to RSL licensed venues, ADF licensed venues, and non-veteran affiliated hotels and bars. We have initiated engagements with RSL clubs including the Coburg RSL, United Services Club Newcastle, Caulfield RSL, Elizabeth RSL on the East Coast, and the recently opened ANZAC House in Perth. We are also onboard various Navy vessels and are available at the HMAS Stirling Naval Base and HMAS Kuttabul in Sydney.

Online (Wholesale)

From August 2021, our full range will be available on leading craft beer online e-commerce platforms, Hairy Dog and Beer Cartel.

Export Markets (Wholesale)

We are in the early stages of our export strategy, initially targeting 5 markets. A significant number of samples have been sent to Sweden and Peru for marketing scoping, with the intention to begin export in November 2021. Distribution partnerships have been established or are in discussion for Japan, Singapore, and Germany

Crowdfunding Australia

Growth Strategy

At Spinifex, we have developed a robust, near-term growth plan to develop our own brewery, expand into retail sales channels with new venues, and drive wider wholesale sales. This will occur both in Australia and internationally. This funding round is a pivotal moment for us as the new brewery will both increase output and allow for greater control over our production process.

The next phase of the Spinifex growth plan, over FY22 and FY23, is focused around the following key pillars:

  1. New Production Capacity. The establishment of the Spinifex 24HL brewery within the WA State Government Food Innovation Precinct will enable the in-house production of up to 2.4 million litres of beer per annum. It will be a milestone shift from our current contract brewing model and will achieve a 30%-40% increase in our profit margin, with the additional benefits of greater control and reliability over our production process. The Precinct will provide exposure to innovation that enables further expansion and new product development of the Spinifex range.
  2. Permanent Tap Fixtures & Venues. The construction of the proposed Spinifex Ale House at North Beach WA will serve as the flagship venue, and spiritual home of Spinifex. This will be open to the public in March 2022. This would be joined by additional tap venues at Wildflower, Broome (opened Aug 2021); Exchange Hotel, Pinjarra (opening Oct 2022); Indigo Blues, Denham (opening Oct 2021) and at the Urban House of Brews, Sydney (opening Q3 2022). These channels provide an experience-driven, nation-wide platform to showcase the beer, foster stronger brand loyalty and appreciation. Most importantly, it would serve as a “try before you buy” contact point, educating new customers about the Spinifex story and building our brand awareness. 
  3. New Wholesale Channels. We will continue to expand our domestic footprint across key channels such as hotels, restaurants and bars. We will endeavour to increase demand from existing off-premise and on-premise distribution channels, whilst onboarding new distributors. We will also build our online presence through third party retailers, such as Beer Cartel. This will increase access to the Spinifex brand nationally.
  4. Export. We are looking for opportunities to build out an initial export presence, starting with Peru and Sweden (Q2 FY22). Upon increasing our production capabilities and developing strong brand recognition internationally (Q1 FY23), we will expand into bigger markets such as Japan, Germany, and Singapore. 
Crowdfunding Australia

The Market Opportunity

The craft beer market in Australia is booming, achieving annual growth plus of 10% and is showing no signs of slowing down. It is characterised by passionate craft beer makers and home brewers, together with more discerning beer drinkers and consumers who are demanding a more distinct, flavourful and higher quality product. This has increased focus on drinking for flavour and authenticity as well as drinking local and building personal relationships with preferred brands.

While there are over 1,000 craft breweries in Australia, Spinifex sets itself apart by focusing on a distinguished segment of beer drinkers, Australia’s veteran community, with the high product quality also attracting a broader fan base domestically and, in time, internationally.

At Spinifex, the focus on infusing beer with native Australian Botanicals provides a distinct taste and unique opportunity in the craft beer industry. The trend is evidence of a long term shift in consumer tastes, which is driving an expected increase in the craft beer market at a CAGR of 7% over the next five years to $1.2bn by 2025.

Crowdfunding Australia

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

For us at Spinifex, the business has always been about our community and customers and that's why we have chosen to partner with Equitise. Spinifex maintains continuous communication with our founding shareholders. In fact, many of them have a Spinifex business card even as a small investor. The power of people is well recognised as our greatest strength. 

Our original investors are made up of family and personal connections, and we know that word of mouth has contributed to our rapid success as a brand. Spinifex has chosen crowdfunding as a way of leveraging as many people as possible to support the brand and ethos of what we are trying to achieve from right across the country. 

Spinifex has actively turned away institutional investors in favour of much smaller value investors at much greater numbers to maximise the future growth potential of the brand. We want to give our early supporters the chance to get it on the ground floor and share in any future success. These are the people that have helped us get to where we are today, and will help us continue our growth journey. 

Key Team Members

Team Member

Adam Barnard

CEO & Board Member

Adam Barnard is a founding partner of Spinifex and the provider of the initial seed funding for the brand. Adam is an Australian defence force veteran and award-winning high profile individual within the WA Tourism Industry and State Government. 

After returning to his home town of Perth in 2001, Adam separated from the army and began working in the Backpacker tourism industry as a tour guide. Adam quickly realised opportunities within this space and ventured into the Bus and Coach industry. From humble beginnings, Adam developed his business “Adams Coachlines’ which went on to become the largest and most awarded tourism transport operation in Western Australia. Under Adams leadership, the company went on to win many awards including three consecutive Gold Medals as well as the 2013 Telstra Western Australian Business of the Year. Adam has worked closely with state and federal governments in relation to policy and in 2017,  accompanied the WA State Premier Mark McGowan to China as part of a tourism delegation. 

Adam holds several awards and decorations (Military and Civil) including the 2008 “40 under 40” business leaders award, 2010 Industry National Achievers award, and was admitted as a chartered member of the Institute of Transport and Logistics. 

Adam oversees the strategic business development and relationship management of Spinifex. He has never forgotten his roots or his veteran community and was responsible for establishing the F88 Campaign. 

Team Member

John Gibbs

Founding Partner & Head Brewer

John Gibbs is the Head Brewer and founding partner of Spinifex. He has created a successful range of native Australia botanicals infused craft beers that have been recognised with awards for all entries into the prestigious London Beer Competition in 2020 and 2021.

He comes from a pioneering Western Australian family with strong links to the country, agriculture and WA’s unique flora. He has always had a keen interest in WA native plants and botanicals.

In 2017, he began developing beer recipes infusing native Australian botanical ingredients with the view to creating unique Australian style beers. John developed a range of unique Australian fusion beers, showcasing Australian native botanicals, that have the potential to significantly change the taste of Australia. In early 2020, John produced two native infused beers, a roasted Wattleseed Amber Ale and a Lemon Myrtle Summer Ale.  

After sending samples to the 2020 London Beer Competition, it was a massive honor to learn that Spinifex was awarded a silver medal for the Summer Ale and a bronze for the Amber Ale. Since then, John has produced more award-winning beers, having won awards in the 2021 London Beer Awards for the infused Ginger Beer, WA Pale Ale and Honey Myrtle Ale. John is considered a brewing alchemist.

Team Member

Michael Little

Founding Partner & Board Member

Mick Little is a founding partner of Spinifex and is responsible for conceiving the original name and idea for connecting Aboriginal culture and native ingredients into beer. Mick is also a highly successful entrepreneur and proud Indigenous Australian.  

After leaving his trade as a boilermaker, Mick’s career has been focused on supporting and engaging Aboriginal people into employment and careers. He has been exceptionally successful in supporting Aboriginal businesses enter the supply chains of companies operating within the mining and resources sector.

He has held senior positions within BHP, Bechtel and Sodexo, leading their respective Indigenous community engagement, employment and business development teams. In 2021, Mick left his position as National Indigenous Engagement and Business Development Manager with Sodexo to take up a position with Andrew Forests Tatterang Group.

Mick has also established the River Gum Aboriginal Corporation through which he facilitates and enables Spinifex’s effective engagement with Aboriginal producers for the supply of native botanicals.

Team Member

Dan Mossenson

Board Chairman

Dan Mossenson has been described as WA’s most unlikely party king — the man who helped transform Perth’s “dullsville” hospitality scene into a Melbourne-style hipster capital.

As one of the city’s most experienced liquor licensing lawyers, Dan has been integral to streamlining the complex processes needed to get new small bars, restaurants and pubs up and running. This has helped attract people to town and revive key suburban precincts.

In a career spanning 50 years, the Lavan emeritus partner has seen sweeping changes to laws first allowing “tavern licences” in the early 1970s, through to the recent creation of small bars and inclusion of tourism, community and cultural benefits in application criteria.

Dan has been an advocate for change and acted for all sectors of the liquor industry, including the Western Australian Hotels Association, ClubsWA, Restaurant and Catering Association, Liquor Stores’ Association and the WA Night Club Association. He has also been an industry champion to the government, advising on liquor laws.

He has a strong interest in Aboriginal affairs and the arts through his Indigenart project, which he manages with his wife to promote upcoming Aboriginal artists and provide them with exhibition opportunities.

Team Member

Shane Crommelin

Financial Management & Board Advisor

Shane Crommelin is Managing Director of Elevate Accounting, Investor and Board Advisor of Spinifex.  

Shane is an experienced taxation and business advisor who specialises in providing strategic advice and tax services to businesses across a broad range of industries. Shane’s unique skillset enables him to personally work with businesses through the entire business lifecycle, including start-up, funding, growth and exit. These skills are a blend of both Shane’s qualifications as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor, his MBA and over 20 years’ industry experience. 

Shane was recognised as “Partner of the Year (Boutique Firm)” at the 2018 Australian Accounting Awards and “Partner of the Year” at the 2019 & 2020 Australian Accounting Awards. 

Shane’s background is in taxation compliance and advice, assisting businesses with all aspects of their taxation and succession requirements. Shane has developed a niche skillset in accounting technology and assists his clients to improve their accounting systems (using cloud accounting technologies and automation) to reduce costs and save time.  

Shane assists to formulate succession plans and then implement those plans and achieve maximum value during the business exit process. Shane has strong M&A experience and assists business owners to prepare their business for sale, reduce the tax burden associated with the sale and ensure that they are structured effectively. 

Team Member

Karl Langdon

Brand Ambassador, Advisor & Board Advisor

Karl Langdon has an incredible sporting history. His interest and passion for sport has always been evident. During his schooling at Guildford Grammar School, he was captain of the cricket, football and athletic teams. He was also chosen in the Western Australian U/16 and U/19 State Cricket teams and during the U/16 carnival was chosen in the All Australian team. In 1985, he won the school's Sportsman of the Year Award.

In 1986, Karl began his WAFL career with the Subiaco Football Club, playing in the league Grand Final that year (which was only his third league game). The West Coast Eagles drafted him in 1987, where he played over 100 games and contributed to the Eagles’ first ever premiership in 1992. In 1996, he retired from football to become one of the country's most dynamic football commentators, which has become his main interest and focus. Currently, Karl has a Boat, Dive and Fishing show on radio 6PR every Saturday morning from 5 to 6am, as well as a Sports show from 6pm to 8pm weeknights and 10am to 12 noon on Saturday mornings. He is also the on-track commentator at the Perth Motorplex during all major Speedway meetings from October to April and a weekly columnist for the Sunday Times.

Karl brings 20 years of experience within the hotel industry, is results-driven, and has realised many significant contracts for Spinifex.

Historical Financials

For more information please see section 2.12 of the Offer Document.

Use of Funds

For more information please see section 3.3 of the Offer Document.

Key Risks Facing the Business

For more information please see section 2.14 of the Offer Document.

Brand Risk

The Spinifex brand is focused on providing high quality craft beer that includes indigenous supply chains and supports veterans. Any incidents that go against the core branding of the business will impact sales, its partnerships, and faith in the Spinifex story.

Competition Risk

The Australian craft beer market is becoming increasingly saturated, with limited opportunities to find a unique niche. This may create competitive pressures, as consumers face an abundance of choice from craft beer entrants, impacting sales volumes. Likewise, there may be incentives for competitors to induce price competition, thereby reducing margins per sale.

Regulatory Risk

Different jurisdictions have different alcohol regulations that need to be complied with. Given our intentions to export, there is a need to understand the regulatory requirements of each market and ensure compliance. Failure to do so may limit growth, result in loss of export licences or induce fines.

Economic Risk

Given our price point is targeting the mid-market, poor economic conditions may cause consumers to change their spending habits and seek cheaper alternatives. This will result in lower wholesale demand, thereby impacting sales revenue. 

Manufacturing Risk

We are reliant on contract distillers and its supply chain to meet current demand. Any changes in a contract distiller's ability to produce the quantity required, or a termination of contract, may cause reputational and financial damage to Spinifex. Likewise, any deviations in quality will have an adverse impact on Spinifex’s reputation, impacting its ability to expand its distribution network.

Personnel Risk

The reliance on key personnel, such as our head brewer, to continuously innovate and ensure Spinifex grows creates personnel risk. If any key personnel leaves the business, this creates a crucial skills gap within management, which can impact our ability to grow and move agilely.

Construction & Approval Risk

The final local authority approval and construction of our new brewery and Alehouse represents a key risk to the business. Should approval not be granted, construction costs blow out or if progress is delayed, our growth objectives may not be met.

Funding Risk

Spinifex Brewery is raising capital to fund its build the Spinifex Production Brewery within the WA Food Innovations Precinct and also the Spinifex Ale House in North Beach. Should insufficient capital be raised, or if costs are higher than anticipated, we might need to raise additional capital or risk not meeting our business objectives.