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Premium wellness & beauty supplements

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    : 6% of funds raised
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Offer Overview

Key Documents

Company Overview

Launched in March 2022, INTU WELLNESS (INTU) is a premium health & beauty brand positioned to become one of Australia’s most successful exports. We create products that are effective, conveniently packaged, and enjoyable to take every day!

Let’s face it. What’s happening on our outside is usually a reflection of what’s going on inside. Usually there will be a sign or two. Your skin or insides might be screaming at you politely (or not so politely) to let you know something is wrong...Hello lack of sleep, low energy, inflammation, acne, dry skin, tired eyes...Etc...

That’s where INTU comes in….

In 2021 we did our research and found that the ingestible beauty category is now one of the fastest-growing segments in the supplements industry, but consumers also told us that…

- Most good quality supplement powders don’t taste great, which makes it feel like a chore and results in not continuing to take them

- They are time poor - they are taking multiple supplements for beauty and health benefits, but want more from their products.

- They are more likely to choose a product when. A. It has been recommended to them. B. It has had great reviews. C. When the packaging is more appealing and stands out on the shelf.

So we created INTU, an ingestible beauty brand that makes looking after your health and skin from the inside out more convenient, effective, trustworthy and fun.

In a short time we have seen phenomenal traction, and have been blown away by the response from customers and strategic partners. We are now looking to invest in growth, and are seeking investment to help us capitalise on the opportunities ahead of us.

Investment Highlights

  1. Strong Early Traction

    Within 12 months of launching we have achieved 4,330 orders, $370k in gross revenue and have delivered a 71% gross profit margin across our Sleep & Skin Renewal product. Our lean operating model is scalable and sets us up for future success.

  2.  Repeat Purchases and Customer Satisfaction

    To date we have seen an average of 42% reorder rate, with 9/10 customers happy to recommend INTU to a friend. In addition we have seen a 10% uptake on our monthly subscription offering, resulting in a $10.4k monthly recurring revenue stream (March '23). This is a testament to the value our products deliver to our customers.

  3. Brand Awareness and Marketing

    In a short period of time we have built a strong social media presence and following reaching over 5m customers. With 70% of sales coming through organic marketing channels, our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is currently well below industry average, at $28. As we continue to grow, our diversified marketing strategy will see us efficiently acquire customers and build a market leading health and wellness brand. 

  4. Large Growth Opportunities

    The company is currently in advanced negotiations with Australia’s largest beauty retailer, which is forecast to grow revenue 3x in the first year alone. Funds raised will see us invest in new product development, growing brand awareness and increasing retention and lifetime value of customers.

  5. Differentiated Products

    INTU WELLNESS is a multi-functional, effective range of results driven products, that are filled with high quality, all natural ingredients that are backed by scientific and traditional evidence. Our products come packaged in recyclable packaging that is convenient, bold, and fun. Not a clinical or beige bottle in sight!! Due to its unique packaging INTU has the opportunity to wholesale through hotels and spas where our competitors aren’t playing. Our products are proudly made in Australia, ingredients are sustainably sourced where possible, are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

  6. Experienced Founders

    Christie is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with one exit under her belt. She has worked with and advised over 200 startups, and has 12 years experience in building businesses from the ground up. Anna is a criminal lawyer that has spent the past 10 years as an ambassador with some of Australia’s biggest beauty and fashion brands and has built a highly engaged following across her social platforms, and partnerships with some of the biggest global brands

Key Team Members

Team Member

Anna Robards

Founder, Director
  • 10 years representing beauty and wellness brands
  • 10 years Criminal Lawyer
  • Media Personality, Influencer
Team Member

Christie Whitehill

Founder, Director
  • 10 years retail sales/management experience
  • 12 years tech startup founder - 1 exit
  • Founder, Director at Tech Ready Women
  • Advisor to multiple startups and Advisory Board Member -Generation Australia

Financial Information

For further detail please see section 2.7 of the Offer Document.

Use of Funds

For further detail please see section 3.2 of the Offer Document.

Key Risks

Competitor Risk

Low barriers to entry may see new brands enter the niche that Intu is targeting. Established brands may also look to enter the market either through acquisition or new product development and benefit from their existing distribution network and economies of scale. This may impact Intu’s ability to acquire and retain customers.


In a short time INTU has built a strong social media presence and loyal customer base. Any new brand would need to start from scratch or generate a significantly better value proposition. INTU is in final contract negotiations with Australia’s largest beauty retailer which will place INTU on the map as one of the leading ingestible beauty brands in ANZ.

Brand Risk

The Intu brand is centred around effective, fun and convenient wellness products. This is contingent on consistent reputation of influencers and founders and consistent branding across social media and product design. It is also contingent on ongoing positive customer experience. The brand may be damaged as a result of negative press/news as it relates to the

product, founders or ambassadors.


Marketing and advertising guidelines set out by the TGA have been developed by INTU to ensure compliance by influencers and third parties marketing the brand’s products. New team members will be trained on the policies and guidelines and INTU can mitigate risk by working closely with influencers and partners who align with the company values.

Regulatory Risk

Intu’s Sleep & Skin Renewal product is a listed medicine on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Any change to this will impact the Company’s ability to market and sell the product in Australia.


INTU has partnered with a TGA accredited manufacturer. The core range will be listed with the TGA. The company uses qualified consultants to review the product labelling and website content to ensure with compliance and regulations.

Supply Risk

As the Company scales up it may sign agreements with major retailers locally and internationally. The ability to provide retailers with consistent supply of products will be key to sales through those channels. Any impact to supply may see the cancellation of any future agreements, impacting Company sales.


The company has contracted a TGA accredited service provider with 30 years industry experience in manufacturing. They have access to multiple manufacturing suppliers to fulfil orders should one supplier not be able to.

Legal Risk

Intu Wellness develops ingestible health supplement products. There is always a risk that a customer may have and adverse reaction if products are not take as advised. This creates a legal risk for the Company which may impact ability to sell and market the products.


The company has put in place online terms of use which customers agree to upon purchasing the products.