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Premium, performance running hats and apparel

  • Type: Retail

Premium, performance running hats and apparel


Fractel is a premium sportswear brand, focusing on headwear, innovation and sustainability.  Their products, known for their unique blend of style, functionality, and sustainability, have set them apart in the sportswear industry.

Fractel's journey began with a vision to revolutionise the sportswear industry. Consumers are increasingly turning away from traditional offerings that often compromise on environmental impact and authenticity. They are instead gravitating towards purpose-driven brands like Fractel, which prioritise genuinely sustainable and innovative products.

    Investment Highlights

    1. Innovative Design

      Traditional sportswear often compromises on either performance or eco-friendliness, Fractel have created a design that doesn’t compromise on either. Large brands can often overlook Headwear and thanks to Fractel’s colourful and fully customisable headwear it sets them apart from other products in the space.

    2. Rapidly Growing Market

      With over 90% of products made from 100% recycled fabrics, Fractel is leading the way in sustainable sportswear, appealing to a growing demographic of environmentally conscious consumers.

    3. Traction

      In the last fiscal year, Fractel achieved over $1 million in revenue, and their year-on-year growth is on track for north of 100% this year. This demonstrates their significant market presence and the trust consumers place in the company.

    4. Partnerships via Custom Program

      Through their custom program Fractel has partnered with some big-name brands including, Red Bull, Google, and Qantas. In addition, they also work with breweries, retailers, coffee shops, and more highlighting the appeal for customisable, sustainable products.

    Why Equity Crowdfunding?

    Fractel has grown to what is today thanks to its community. It was only logical to give the same community who has supported and grown the business the opportunity to become part of it themselves. Funds raised will go towards expanding Fractel’s product range, including a greater variety of sports apparel. The company will continue to grow its popular custom program and drive larger brand partnerships and collaborations. It will also expand its distribution channels, enhancing its online presence, and leveraging its unique brand proposition to capture a larger share of the global sportswear market.