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  • Total Round Size (min): AUD$60,000
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The ultimate resume writing software

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Employment Won

Sought after in the world of resume writing, Ian Waller was searching for a program that would help yield the kind of resume he could manually produce.

All he could find was templates and programs that produce standard phrases. There was nothing that provided the significant achievements or could be individualised and nothing that related the cover letters to the specific position. So, he engaged technical assistance, and the idea became real. The software was written, and it was time to test it. To do this Ian used the software with his clients and monitored the results. And what a result it was - a staggering 97% of resumes written resulted in the interview of the client. It was time for more research to take this product to the public.

After an extensive vetting process, including connecting with over 750 developers and 5 video interviews, Ian chose a technical company that could produce exactly what was required. He then began building his team around him which included people with Government, Associations, Memberships, Banking, Business, and Community experience and proven achievements in obtaining results.

The software is now in the final milestone of Stage 1 - UAT Testing and it is now time to go to market.

  • Fees Paid by Issuer
    : 6% of funds raised
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Terms of Offer

Key Documents

Company Overview

The main objective of the Company is, and always will be, sales within a membership subscription model.

Having tested the product, and with testimonials outlining the success of clients obtaining interviews, it is time to now commercialise the product.

The framework of staged development and implementation into specific regions is designed to allow for a tailored approach and to create sound commercial success.

Starting in Australia we can identify a significant opportunity to build a strong and devoted membership base.

ABS data identifies 2.3 million people left or lost a job up to February 2023. It is our position to embrace the strengths of the software and outline the necessity for the product.

There are two specific avenues for sales - individual and commercial. The team has been selected for these purposes.

Investment Highlights

  1. Tested & Proven Results

    Used for the provision of over 3,000 documents with a 97% success rate of the person receiving an invitation to interview, this software is the best available in the market and is predicted to take writing resumes to a new level.

  2. B2C & B2B Business Models

    There are two specific avenues for sales with the product. The B2C model is for individuals who are looking to improve their chances of interview and includes resumes and cover letters with a subscription model.

    The B2B model is for larger companies, agencies, and government and involves volume user licence purchases. They will be given an appropriate number of digital tokens that they can utilise on the platform by distributing to the people who need resumes and cover letters.

  3. Significant Global Opportunity

    The global resume industry is fragmented and there exists the opportunity to build a truly global leader in this industry.

    With the opportunity to take a software that works in all regions and establish the specific datasets, languages, and nuances, to that region.

    Building in each area will involve detailed analysis and strategic direction of local assets.

Growth Strategy

The Framework for staged development is integral to the growth strategy of the business.

Stage One - Individual Subscriptions

There are three available payment options for individuals for 3 months, 6 months & 12 months. The individual is given access to the platform and can create unlimited resumes and cover letters, maintain a library of documents, access the video library for job assistance, and choose their format.

Stage Two - Volume User Licences

Commercial entities, Associations, and Job Agencies are approached to purchase large scale licences.

They are provided individual digital tokens to distribute to their staff/clients. This is particularly useful during shutdowns or redundancy.

Stage Three - Global Application

Global application is the last stage of the current framework and involves strategic direction for each region. For example in India a cost of $10.95 per month is not feasible and would be more on the $2.95 range. This is offset by 94 million people currently looking for work.


Team Member

Ian Waller


Ian Waller has over 30 years writing resumes he has Chaired numerous panels and was a Career Planning Mentor for a large State Government organisation. From junior staff to senior executives, Ian has used his software to get people into positions.

He has Government experience, is a Company Director, and has been a General Manager, and Senior Executive for over 16 years.

Team Member

Craig Costello


Craig is the person who will check every box, look at every angle and ensure that the overall governance is completed. He has worked for NAB, World Vision, and was a Committee Member Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business Development. Craig is the glue as he assisted with the development from the ground up and can step in anytime to assist in any area.

Team Member

Jim Dorash


Jim is a connector and has extensive experience in membership platforms. With diverse international experience working in the sport and gambling industry, building partnerships for corporate businesses in both Canada and Australia.

Jim worked with Melbourne Storm, the Western Bulldogs (AFL) membership base before working in the thoroughbred industry at Melbourne Racing Club and with Harness Racing Victoria, Developed relationships with key industry stakeholders to grow the wagering turnover in his area to become the highest sales volume territory in Australia for TABCORP, and then moving to oversee Racing Queensland’s Thoroughbred Awards.

Team Member

Jack Hockings


Jack likes to call himself a Jack of All Trades. We call him Jack Hammer on one trade - SALES! Every single area he has worked from a global app to individual vehicles, and commercial goods, he has been the number one in sales.


For further detail please see section 2.13 of the Offer Document.

Use of Funds

For further detail please see section 3.2 of the Offer Document.

Key Risks

For further detail please see section 2.15 of the Offer Document.


Employment Won’s revenue is derived from the sale of products over which the Company has large control. The Company is pursuing strategies to ensure a roll out of its products; any forecasts would contain a wide range of possibilities and outcomes for the Company which includes individual, commercial and global sales.

Managing Growth

The Company aims to improve its operational and financial systems, procedures and controls and expand, train, retain and manage its employee base.


The Company competes with other resume software. Some of these businesses are promoting similar product and are therefore directly competitive.

Key Personnel and Management

Employment Won acknowledges the importance of its key personnel to the continued success of its business and endeavours to create a work environment and offer conditions which encourage employees to pursue long term careers with the Company.

Intellectual Property

To leverage innovation, the Company will need to protect its intellectual property. There may be circumstances where the Company’s intellectual property cannot be protected or is subject to unauthorised disclosure, infringement or challenge by a third party.

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

The software is now in the final milestone of Stage 1 - UAT Testing and it is now time to go to market and, if possible, commence the commercial and global build.

We are raising growth capital to accelerate the build. With a product that is scalable and is desperately needed at all times this is an exciting opportunity to invest in a company with an incredible opportunity.