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Your Gateway to Global Equity Crowdfunding

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Your Gateway to Global Equity Crowdfunding

Dacxi Chain

Dacxi Chain is a Web3 enabled technology platform that connects licenced equity crowdfunding platforms around the world into a singular global network. In doing so, it creates the world’s first global crowd of investors – and the world’s first global catalogue of growth companies seeking investment.

    Company Overview

    Dacxi Chain is a purpose-designed platform, developed over several years. Since its official launch in June 2023, Dacxi Chain has announced partnerships with leading equity crowdfunding platforms, and released its first investment deal; raising capital for Dacxi Chain itself.

    Dacxi Chain technology allows licenced equity crowdfunding platforms anywhere in the world to connect with other licenced crowdfunding platforms to create a decentralised network. This connection is uniquely valuable as platforms are able to share their investment deals with the investors on every other platform in the network, greatly increasing the investment capital they have access to. Correspondingly, Dacxi Chain technology allows every platform in the network to attract new investors by offering a larger and more diverse catalogue of investment opportunities sourced from all the other participating platforms.

    Dacxi Chain’s network model is positioned to deliver equity crowdfunding (ECF) unprecedented compound growth in investors, deals, and capital invested. Validated by leading ECF companies, Dacxi Chain is a world-first technology built to unlock the limitless global potential of millions of everyday investors.

    The Idea

    Unlock the power of the crowd, at scale, by providing early stage growth companies access to the world’s largest crowd of investors – and investors access to a global catalogue of early stage growth companies to invest in.

    Products & Services

    Dacxi Chain is a technology infrastructure, provided as a singular product capability under a Platform as a Service model (PaaS).

    Problem Solved

    In 2022, the ECF market was valued at less than USD$2b – competing with venture capital, valued at USD$233b.

    While ECF is growing, it is held back by numerous barriers. It lacks scale, and operates as a collection of individual and disconnected markets and platforms. Restricted by regulatory red tape, many crowdfunding platforms lack the ability to offer cross-border investments.

    For early stage growth companies, this greatly constrains the number of investors and the amount of capital they can access. For everyday investors, it limits the number and diversity of early stage growth companies they can invest in.

    Dacxi Chain is a world-first technology, purpose-built to connect licenced platforms into the world’s first global equity crowdfunding network.

    Harnessing the power of blockchain, Dacxi Chain provides its partner platforms the tools and technology they need to facilitate fast, low-cost, and secure cross-border transactions.

    With Dacxi Chain, partner platforms gain the ability to launch deals across every other crowdfunding company in the network. This grants entrepreneurs access to an international crowd of investors – and grants investors access to a worldwide curated catalogue of growth companies.

    Dacxi Chain’s API seamlessly integrates with each platform’s existing system. Meaning this entire global network is accessed via each local crowdfunding platform’s own unique interface.

    It’s equity crowdfunding, completely reimagined.

    Revenue Model

    In equity crowdfunding, the company raising capital (the ‘issuer’) pays a success fee to the crowdfunding platform they choose to use. Dacxi Chain generates revenue by sharing a percentage of this success fee.

    Dacxi Chain does not charge access fees, set up fees, API fees or licence fees of any kind. Revenue is purely a percentage of the success fee. From the equity crowdfunding platform’s perspective, this makes Dacxi Chain a highly attractive partner.

    • No upfront or ongoing fees = no friction to join
    • ‘Success fee only’ aligns interests for all parties – the growth company, platform partner and Dacxi Chain
    • Dacxi Chain only shares the success fee for capital raised via the network, which is 100% incremental (ie. capital the growth company and their local equity crowdfunding platform would never otherwise have had access to)
    • Access to a global network of investors and more investment capital makes local equity crowdfunding platforms more attractive to growth companies
    • Access to a global catalogue of growth companies to invest in makes equity crowdfunding more accessible and attractive to every day investors
    Exit Strategy

    Dacxi Chain will explore harvest events for investors as it approaches profitability (projected in late 2025/early 2026), including a large strategic investment, trade sale or IPO.

    Investment Highlights

    1. First Mover Advantage

      Dacxi Chain is the first technology platform designed to build a global ECF network. The signing of ECF platforms to the Dacxi Chain network is essentially a land grab, which means this first mover advantage creates unique and material value. As each new partner signs onto the network, the volume of available deals, investors and investment capital experiences compounded growth. As the Dacxi Chain network builds, and activity grows with it, the value of Dacxi Chain increases – and the ability for a competitor to create their own ECF network diminishes.

      The first solution to secure multiple ECF platforms effectively secures first access to an enormous market opportunity, while creating a significant barrier to entry for any future competitor

    2. No Known Direct Competitors

      There are no known direct competitors to Dacxi Chain. While a small number of ECF platforms operating today are actively pursuing geographical growth, this is a slow and expensive process. It requires licencing in each new market, sourcing deals, building an investor base and establishing operations. While geographical expansion via acquisition of existing ECF platforms may accelerate elements of this process, this too comes with operational complexity, and relies on being able to quickly adapt to – and compete in – each new market.

      Instead, Dacxi Chain empowers existing ECF platforms to rapidly and seamlessly grow their deal flow, investor base and revenues within their existing market. And as a decentralised network, Dacxi Chain is non-disruptive and non-competitive to any ECF.

    3. Highly Scalable Business Model Generating Strong Net Margins

      Dacxi Chain’s technology is a universal connector that allows any licenced ECF anywhere in the world to connect to the Dacxi Chain network. All network partners join using the same Dacxi Chain APIs; bringing new partners on board does not require Dacxi Chain to provide any additional or customised technology.

      This means the cost of onboarding new partners is low, and Dacxi Chain’s business is highly scalable. This is evidenced by the company’s ability to grow revenues at a much higher rate than the investment required to service it – creating a business producing high net profit margins as it grows.

    4. Large Market Opportunity

      ECF in 2023 is an approximately USD$1.9b market. Via organic growth, it is only projected to become a USD$5.5b market by 2030 (Grand View Research -Crowdfunding Market Size Trend Analysis Report). Dacxi Chain is a purpose-built platform that leverages the network effect to accelerate growth for the industry.

      While it is difficult to accurately project what growth Dacxi Chain will deliver the ECF industry over the next five years, it is reasonable to assume that with even moderate success Dacxi Chain should see the total amount of capital invested via ECF greatly increase.

      Under any scenario, ECF is a large global market growing at a healthy rate, with the potential to further accelerate via Dacxi Chain’s network model. This growth – combined with Dacxi Chain’s revenue model (a small percentage of all funds raised via the network) – presents the company with a significant market opportunity.

    5. Seasoned, Highly Skilled Leadership Team

      Dacxi Chain’s Executive Leadership team comprises a group of highly experienced professionals, with the necessary skills and a track record of success.

      Led by CEO Ian Lowe, the leadership group brings together a team of seasoned thought leaders and innovators – with proven ability and highly specialised knowledge in their respective disciplines.

    6. Superbly Positioned

      Dacxi Chain is operating in a large and growing market, with no known direct competitor, and a high-margin business model. With a first mover advantage and market-leading foundation partners, Dacxi Chain is superbly positioned to succeed.

    Why Equity Crowdfunding

    The world of equity crowdfunding has two primary stakeholders; the entrepreneurs behind growth companies, and everyday investors. Dacxi Chain creates value and opportunity for both.

    Equity crowdfunding is somewhat unique, in that, these primary stakeholders benefit directly from each other. Access to a significantly larger and more global crowd of investors makes equity crowdfunding a more viable path for growth companies. And as more growth companies choose this path, more investors have access to significantly more diverse deals.

    It’s a highly circular benefit system, where entrepreneurs and everyday investors all win. At Dacxi Chain, we often refer to this as the democratisation of investment in early stage companies – and it has always been our mission.

    We have now built the infrastructure that makes achieving this mission possible. As such, it seemed to us a natural, logical, and inevitable next step to walk the walk. So we’re leading the way, by leveraging our own cutting-edge technology and world-first global network to undertake our own equity crowdfunding.