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  • Type: Retail and Wholesale
  • Total Round Size (min): NZ$750,000
  • Total Round Size (max): NZ$2,000,000
  • Price per share: NZD$1

Leading New Zealand adventure brand taking on the world!

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  • Fees Paid to Issuer
    : 6% of funds raised
  • Minimum Parcel Size
    : $1,000
  • FX Rate
    : 1 NZD = 0.93 AUD

Terms of Offer

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Investor Rewards


For investments between: $1,000 - $4,999

  • New investor tier in our Bushbuck Club loyalty programme (1.75x Point Multipliers)
  • 1,000 points ($50 Off)
  • Limited Edition Bushbuck Investors Hat

For investments between: $5,000 - $24,999

  • New platinum investor tier in our Bushbuck Club loyalty programme (2.0x Point Multipliers)
  • 2,000 points ($100 Off)
  • Limited Edition Bushbuck Investors Hat & Combat Merino 200 Half Zip

For investments above: $25,000

  • New platinum investor tier in our Bushbuck Club loyalty programme (2.0x Point Multipliers)
  • Corporate pricing discounts on all products
  • Limited Edition Bushbuck Investors Hat & Black Polar X Down Puffer Jacket

For further detail on the Bushbuck Loyalty Program you can visit the Bushbuck site here:

What is Bushbuck

Founded in 2012, Bushbuck is a leading New Zealand hunting and outdoors brand. We are a disruptive force in the industry with a growing reputation for developing new-and-improved products using leading-edge materials, technologies and design systems.

Beyond our unwavering commitment to quality and performance, Bushbuck’s mission is to push the limits of innovation and sustainability and make the journey into the outdoors more accessible, enjoyable and safe for all.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved to date, but are just getting started. At this pivotal stage in our journey, we are genuinely excited to offer our stakeholders the opportunity to join us on this journey as shareholders.

Investment Highlights

  1. Consistent, profitable growth

    Since 2019 we have grown revenue over 300%, with revenue of $4.7m achieved in FY22. We have always been focused on building a profitable and sustainable business, achieving $450k in EBITDA in FY22. We forecast to grow revenue to $5.5m in FY23 and $16.3m in FY25.

  2. Strong brand and loyal community

    We have built an incredibly strong community around the Bushbuck brand. Our customer database has grown to over 63k with a social media following of over 83k! Our brand ambassadors give us reach to 220k individuals, and our loyalty club has over 45k customers. More importantly though, our customers love our products, with 7k+ customer reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5.

  3. Highly profitable direct-to-consumer business model

    We’ve built our business model around a highly scalable, and profitable direct-to-consumer model. This has enabled us to achieve strong gross margins and run a lean operating model.  Our web store has over 7.5k daily visits with our return on ad spend at nearly 12x.

  4. International expansion already underway

    The Australian market already accounts for 16% of sales. With the Australian market roughly 4x the size of the NZ market, a key focus of ours in the short term is accelerating our push into this market with the aim of it accounting for 37% by FY25.

  5. Diversified product range built on innovation

    Bushbuck products span hunting, hiking, camping, diving, spearfishing and off-roading. Our world-class product team, in-house engineering, and D2C business model have enabled us to be more agile, adaptable and responsive to customers’ needs and scale our product range quickly.

Growth Strategy

Fast Track Australian Expansion

We have been selling into Australia since 2016 and now that Covid-19 border restrictions have lifted, we are ramping up our expansion plans which consists of:

  • Recruiting an Australian marketing agency to focus our digital marketing efforts in Australia and continue to grow our D2C sales
  • Build brand awareness in Australia by attending shows and local events
  • Growing our market share in the rooftop tent market by identifying reseller partners for our Armourdillo product range
  • Enhancing Australian customer experience and streamline returns process

Currently Australian sales accounts for 16% of total revenue. By FY25 we expect that to be approximately 38%.

Future Product Development

Our product pipeline is loaded with new, innovative, high-value goods that will disrupt the market and drive significant growth over the coming years.

Some of our products in development include:

  • Vertex Fleece (launched July 2022)
  • Ultra lightweight puffer and vest(currently being tested)
  • Armourdillo improvements (in development)
  • Rooftop tent awning system (in development)
  • New sleeping bag range (R&D Phase)
  • Review tent range (R&D Phase)

By FY25 we forecast new product development will contribute $3.9m in total sales.

Investing in our Team

People always come first at Bushbuck. To fast track our growth, we need to ensure that we are investing in our team, the way we operate and the tools that they use.

We are on the hunt for the following new team members:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Sales Relationship Manager

Operating sustainably is very important to our team and community. Whilst we have made some strong wins in this area, we want to formalise our goals and create a roadmap to guide us on our sustainability journey.

We have strongly invested in our front-end systems to ensure that we provide a superior shopping experience for our loyal customers. The next step is to invest in our back office by implementing an ERP system that will be able to handle our growth goals.

Key Team Members

Team Member

Tim Dunn

CEO and Founder

Tim launched Bushbuck in 2012. He has an engineering background and spent 10 years as a medical design engineer working at the cutting-edge of 3D printing. Tim is a “CEO at the coalface” and deeply involved in the day-to-day running of Bushbuck.

Team Member

Simon Slade


Simon is the founder and CEO of Doubledot Media, which has been supporting and investing in eCommerce business since 2005. His focus is high-growth eCommerce, having successfully lead 2 separate companies on the Deloitte Fast500, 5 years in a row.

Team Member

Nick Morris


Nick has 12 years of corporate experience in the finance sector and is currently the GM of strategic delivery at NZX. He’s also a member of the Global Dairy Trade Oversight Board.

Team Member

Emma Morar

Chief Financial Officer

Emma started her career with Deloitte working in both assurance and corporate finance roles. She is a Chartered Accountant, holds an MBA and has 15 years of Industry in NZ and UK.

Historical Financials

Forecasted Financials

Use of Funds

Key Risks

Supply chain


Risk that Bushbuck is impacted by a supply chain disruption.


Bushbuck has built long-term relationships with all its manufacturers, which are based across Asia and Europe. We engage with multiple manufacturers for each product type to mitigate concentration risk and operate an annual purchasing process to ensure that our manufacturers have the capacity to meet our growth plans.

We use experienced local agents to coordinate our inwards logistics. This gives us advanced warning of any freight disruptions or bottlenecks and allows us to select the most efficient option available.

Key Personnel


Risk that key personnel leave and institutional knowledge/skills are lost.


We strive to make Bushbuck a great place to work. The Management team is committed and motivated to implement our game plan and achieve the sales targets projected. We plan to establish an employee share scheme to align the interests of our team with the long-term interests of the company.

Business Cycle Resilience


Risk that Bushbuck will be adversely impacted by changes in the business cycle.


Bushbuck was founded to bring high-end hunting gear to the market through a low-cost D2C model, which allows savings to be passed to customers. Consumers naturally look for better value in an economic downturn, which gives Bushbuck the advantage over high-priced brands.

We have also invested a lot in customer retention over the past 18 months with a new website, introducing our loyalty programme, simplifying our returns process, and strengthening our customer service team. With the borders to Australia reopening and the decreased likelihood of event cancellations, Bushbuck is in a strong position to ride out the downturn.

Intellectual Property


Risk that a competitor uses Bushbuck's intellectual property.


We have patent pending IP protecting our Armourdillo Rooftop Tent technology in our current and future markets. All new product innovations are evaluated before we go to market to see if it makes sense to protect them.

International Growth


Risk that Bushbuck's international expansion will put stress on the business.


Our international focus over the next three years is expansion in Australia. We have been working with NZTE to validate the Australian market and will engage with an Australian-based digital agency to support our expansion once we secure capital.

We have partnered with the top tier 3PL company in New Zealand, who enable us to successfully service both New Zealand and Australia. We acknowledge that our rooftop tents are a more complex and higher-value product than the rest of our gear and clothing range. In New Zealand we can provide this higher level of service from our Showroom in Christchurch, but to mitigate the risk of losing market share in Australia, we will find partner’s who can provide this service to our Australian customers for the Armourdillo product range.



Risk that Bushbuck has poor corporate governance.


We continue to strengthen our Board to include experienced personnel who will ensure that appropriate governance policies and practices are in place. Simon Slade was appointed as a director in 2021 and brings a strong background in e-commerce, marketing, and scaling growth companies. We are looking to appoint an independent director to the Board within the next year to further strengthen our governance structure.



Risk that market share is lost to competitor(s)


We pride ourselves in being close to our customers and able to react quickly to meet their expectations and changing needs. Our D2C model gives us a distinct advantage over the competition, who all sell via an omnichannel model with less direct customer contact. There is no shortage of competition in our industry, but Bushbuck cuts through the noise with our unique brand position, our tried and tested marketing strategy and our innovative products.