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A modern solution to health and mental wellness

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A modern solution to health and mental wellness

Auric Essentials

Traditional aromatherapy solutions face a core dilemma - the one size fits all models are no longer valued in a market that demands personalisation. Auric have created a highly personalised wellness platform that can seamlessly integrate ancient aromatherapy traditions with new-age, data-driven technology for this untapped market.

Thanks to its AI technology that's powered by intelligent algorithms, Auric can provide personalised and tailored wellness solutions to the individual. This is easily facilitated in its user-centric app and daily tracking to further enrich the customer experience.

Standing apart from other wellness apps and technology, Auric built its product on a multi-sensory experience, even including the sense of smell, an overlooked sense but critical in health and wellness, using their science-backed essential oils range. They have already captured the attention of the startup world, and were recently named Australian Startup of the Year at the Entrepreneurship World Cup.

    Investment Highlights

    1. Untapped Market

      Auric is a pioneering product integration of AI technology and aromatherapy for bespoke wellness experiences. Aromatherapy is often overlooked in health and wellness tech, but Auric has been designed to be able to capture both the wellness tech and aromatherapy markets thanks to their multi-sensory technology.

    2. Model Built for Scale & Strategic Partnerships

      Auric have built a hardware-enabled, recurring revenue subscription model for repeat business. In addition to their subscription model, they are strategically positioned to penetrate the healthcare market via partnerships and collaborations across B2B channels.

      Auric's collaborations with Beyond Blue and Sonos are integral to their mission. Beyond Blue serves as the company's mental health partner, enriching wellness offerings with invaluable mental health expertise and advocacy.

      Their partnership with Sonos for the "Future of Wellness Multi-Sensory Experience," epitomises Auric's dedication to crafting immersive wellness environments. This initiative demonstrates the synergy between the two technologies leading audio solutions, offering a holistic sensory experience that champions mental and physical well-being.

    3. Global Opportunity

      Auric has the ability to tap into multiple market opportunities, including the $520.3bn wellness tech market and $13.5bn aromatherapy market. The team created an expansive product market roadmap across North America, Europe and Asia, and have conservatively modelled a 5 year revenue forecast from the domestic market at $8.4m.

    4. Expert Team

      The Auric team is an established, experienced and multidisciplinary team with internally acclaimed talents in design, health technology and business innovation who are committed to excellence with a focus on customer satisfaction and user-centric design.

      Founder Adam Good has a proven track record in digital transformation strategy and project execution, working with industry leaders including Telstra and WPP.

    Auric are raising funds to drive their initial go-to-market strategy, which includes expansion of operational manufacturing facilities and targeted marketing campaigns for B2C and B2B strategic partnerships. They will also accelerate the rollout of their flagship model - Auric One.

    Conservatively forecasting $8.4m in revenue over 5 years in just the domestic market based on Auric Models achieving $330 - $390 per unit, the team is confident this will be surpassed as they expand out globally and execute on their targeted marketing strategies.

    Auric is set to transform personal wellness through a multi-sensory journey, pioneering the power of wellness aromatherapy into a new era.