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Hydration Health & Performance

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Hydration Health & Performance


AQUAME is revolutionising hydration management with its comprehensive Hydration Performance Solution, tailored specifically for sports clubs. Unlike traditional reactive hydration solutions that only provide snapshot results of athletes' hydration status, AQUAME offers detailed, continuous insights, even when athletes are away from the club environment. By seamlessly integrating with Athlete Management Systems (AMS) and combining data from sleep patterns, GPS performance tracking, and other metrics, AQUAME provides holistic insights into an athlete's hydration needs. This allows performance teams to understand the underlying causes of dehydration and develop personalised hydration plans based on environmental and activity factors, ultimately giving athletes a critical 1-5% performance edge.

The fully automated data collection and analysis capabilities of AQUAME significantly reduce the time constraints faced by performance teams, allowing them to focus on optimising athletes' performance rather than manually tracking hydration data. AQUAME's smart water bottle and mobile app work together to ensure that athletes maintain optimal hydration levels, enhancing their overall performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

AQUAME is redefining hydration retail market with its smart water bottle, which acts as a personal hydration coach for athletes and everyday users. By combining advanced technology in a practical design, AQUAME can track, analyse, and feedback the water consumed, allowing athletes and consumers to know how much water they are consuming.

The smart water bottle market is booming, driven by a global focus on health and wellness and a growing interest in tech-integrated solutions. Consumers are increasingly seeking personalised, data-driven insights into their hydration habits, and smart water bottles are becoming essential tools in managing personal health. The professional sports industry relies heavily on this technology, as well-hydrated athletes are less likely to get injured and can improve their performance.

AQUAME has successfully positioned itself in this expanding market. Its solution allows athletic partners to plan and monitor hydration programs, integrating seamlessly with other Athlete Management Software systems. This creates a B2B and B2C revenue model with AQUAME partnering directly with sports clubs in addition to retail channel partners.

    Investment Highlights

    1. Dehydration Impacts Performance

      Dehydration decreases power output and endurance performance, it also impairs decision making and skill execution. Trials showed cyclist performance was 13% slower at 2-3% body mass loss (BML) during a time trial and a tennis player serve accuracy reduced by 30% at 1.5% BML.

    2. Addressable Market

      The global sports analytics market size was valued at 3.19USD billion in 2022. It is estimated to reach16.45USD billion by 2031, North America (US in particular) is anticipated to grow at 18.9% CAGR. Europe is anticipated to grow at over 20% CAGR for the same period. We also see the smart water bottle market is experiencing robust growth, propelled by a global awareness of health and wellness and a growing affinity for technology-integrated solutions.

    3. Recognised Partnerships

      To date AQUAME has established partnerships with major Australian and international teams. They are also have trials in place with many more clubs including a handful of EPL teams. Club partnerships allow AQUAME to partner with some well know and recognised brands in addition to offer another revenue channel as their SaaS Platform subscription fees are derived from team activations.


    No current system has a critical eye on the vital role hydration plays in maintaining peak performance and injury prevention. AQUAME are raising funds to further develop their technology, including cloud expansion, AI coaching function, improved data capture and functionality.

    Funds will also be used for research and trial activations in addition to conference participation to increase awareness and marketing and digital content development.