Zhik sails away with $2M raised

Zhik sails away with $2M raised

Sailing apparel brand Zhik partner with Equitise to raise capital from both their Australian and international database.


Zhik is a leading international global sailing apparel manufacturer known for its innovative, high-performance products. Zhik engaged Equitise as a partner to facilitate their 2023 capital raise via equity crowdfunding. This strategic approach to fundraising enabled them to leverage their strong brand and highly engaged customer base for a successful financial outcome, as well as a broader benefit of increased customer loyalty.

Crowdfunding Australia

Who is Zhik?

Disruptive by design and born from innovation, Zhik are one of the world’s most innovative and trend-setting sailing apparel manufacturers. Zhik partners with world-class champion athletes to produce a high-quality range that caters to the premium water sports market.

Why we liked Zhik?

Champion and reputable ambassadors 

Through their collaboration with world-champion and Olympic athletes Zhik is worn and known by some of the best athletes.

Innovative in-house designs

Zhik’s tireless focus on product development have led them to maintain a strong reputation for producing high-quality, pioneering products. Their innovative designs and technologies are researched and designed in-house at their Sydney Head Quarters.

Global brand

Already a global brand with a distribution network across 45 countries, Zhik wanted to leverage this database and their networks to raise capital.

Key Takeaways

Backing from a reputable partner

Zhik’s raise was anchored by Nightingale Partners, a reputable private equity firm, giving confidence in Zhik’s potential, growth and trajectory. Equitise and Zhik leveraged this momentum marketing the campaign more broadly across all communication channels to create further awareness of the campaign.

Online and international appeal

Operating as an eCommerce model Zhik were able to capture the organic traffic coming through to their website and direct them and inform them about the raise which was a distinct advantage. They communicated to their entire database which included many based in the UK and Europe, we targeted to this specific crowd which proved successful with over 25% of investors based outside of Australia.

NZ Raise

Zhik's campaign started as an Australian-only offer, but after global interest with many of those coming from New Zealand a NZ offer was opened concurrently to give NZ retail investors the opportunity to invest. Across both offers an impressive NZ$2,224,200 was raised.

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