Press Release: Three Aussie women on a mission to become the global watchdog invite all Australians to invest in their business The Clean Collective

Press Release: Three Aussie women on a mission to become the global watchdog invite all Australians to invest in their business The Clean Collective

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30th July 2019 9:00AM

Aussie trailblazer, The Clean Collective (TCC), today announced the launch of its first Equity Crowdfunding campaign with Equitise, opening up equity to everyday Australians.

TCC is the fastest growing marketplace for sustainable purchases in Australia and NZ. Delivering two sets of tools to support the population in addressing health and climate epidemics through day-to-day actions, The Clean Collective’s online shop sells natural, organic and eco-friendly personal care, cleaning and reusable products that set a new standard for Safety & Sustainability developed by the company. Its blog publishes information on how to live a healthier, more sustainable life, marrying the best products and information together on one platform. 

Looking to raise up to $1.5 million from the ‘crowd’, TCC is raising capital to fast-track its plans to create a digitised regulation app. The TCC app will be a consumer-friendly platform that will allow consumers to scan personal care and cleaning products to identify their true safety and sustainability status. The TCC app will become a personal shopping assistant for consumers seeking safe and sustainable options during their daily purchasing experiences in bricks and mortar stores.

TCC will also introduce a series of personal development e-courses with leading experts focusing on sustainability for schools, individuals and businesses that will be accessible worldwide as part of the funding round.

In addition to only stocking the most sustainable of products, every purchase results in a charitable initiative. In the last year alone, TCC has prevented almost $2 million litres of toxic-chemical products from coming into contact with people and the planet, diverted more than 1.9 million single use items from landfill and removed 6,090 pieces of plastic from the ocean.

Achieving $600,000 in its first full year of operation, TCC is the fastest growing marketplace in Australia and NZ for sustainable purchases. TCC has attracted 400,000 readers, 80,000 followers and subscribers and 500 industry and brand partners.

Identifying a gap in the market, Co-Founder Charlie Thompson, says there’s a pressing need for a more regulated way to check what products are actually sustainable and safe.

“It’s estimated that we’ve got just 135 months until an unprecedented climate disaster takes place and that our babies are being born pre-polluted with 200 chemicals in their umbilical cords. What we’re leaving to the next generation is a crisis and threatened future,” says Thompson.

“Never before has there been a more urgent need for a platform like The Clean Collective. Pretty labels and clever marketing has sold us on the short-term solutions instead of true and safe sustainable options. There’s growing health and environmental epidemics, but without a standard for consumption or umbrella body communicating that these two issues are born from the same problem: our consumption habits, consumers are largely uneducated in their choices. However, this is starting to change with 13 million searches a month on Google for the information and solutions hosted on TCC and the #zerowaste hashtag amassing 2.9 million posts on Instagram,” said Thompson.

“We're so proud of what we have achieved with our customers, partners and supporters in just 20 months. We've seen an opportunity to drive much bigger impact for people and the planet and we need to raise capital to achieve it. The Clean Collective has never been ours - it's theirs. They give it energy. They give it a voice. They drive its mission forward,” she said.

Research conducted by TCC shows the three biggest Australian competitors turn over $75 million annually and own only 15% of the market. Over 85% of the market is available to acquire rapidly with the right expertise on board. TCC’s competitors don’t match up to its new standard for sustainable purchasing or charitable initiatives.

Co-Founder of Equitise, Chris Gilbert says he is very proud to be partnering with The Clean Collective in its first Equity Crowdfunding campaign.

“We’re really excited to offer The Clean Collective equity crowd fund on Equitise, Equity crowdfunding is all about startups changing the game and in this case, it is change that needs to happen,” he said.

To view the offer you can access the link here:

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