The Clean Collective: Five Reasons to Invest

The Clean Collective: Five Reasons to Invest

Before investing in a company, every investor likes to know the answer to the basic question - why should I invest?

The Clean Collective is the fastest growing marketplace in the Australian and New Zealand region for sustainable purchases. The online shop sells natural, organic and eco-friendly personal care, cleaning and reusable products that meet a new Australian standard that the team has developed - its Safety & Sustainability Standard (IP). In addition, the blog helps us to live a healthier, more sustainable life - uniting the latest information with the best solutions in one place.

The Clean Collective is looking to raise $1.5 million through equity crowdfunding before Friday 16 August and investors can own a piece of this very exciting business from as little as $120.

Here are 5 reasons to invest in The Clean Collective:

1)  Great Traction and High Growth Potential

  • The Clean Collective was launched in 2017. In less than 2 years they have turned over $600,000 in revenue from over 10,000 transactions. The team has also attracted 400,000 blog readers and 80,000 followers and subscribers. It has partnered with over 500 companies which are aligned in achieving the mission of helping us all to live a more sustainable life.
  • Looking to the future, The Clean Collective forecasts a 300% year-on-year growth rate over the coming two financial years estimating revenues of $2.08 million in FY20 and $7.1 million in FY21. Apart from this, the company has secured an exclusive commercial partnership that will elevate the retail margin to 142% in upcoming years.

 2) Favourable Market Conditions and Negligible Competitor Interference 

  • Currently, the organic industry is worth USD $89.7 billion and is growing at a CAGR of over 15%. In 2019, Australia’s organic market accounted for up to $2.6 billion and statistics show that 49% of shoppers say personal health is the top reason they prefer purchasing organic products. These statistics show us that more and more people are adopting a sustainable lifestyle which means the demand for organic products is surging to new heights.
  • The three biggest Australian competitors turn over ~ $75 million annually and own only 15% of the market. Google data confirms that 85% of the market is available to acquire rapidly with the right expertise on board.
  • The Clean Collective’s new standard means consumers can trust that the products are toxin free, organic, and the savviest source of zero-waste solutions. Its blog creates a one-stop-shop which helps demystify all the conflicting information on how to live more sustainably. Competitors are no match for this new standard, nor do they meet the charitable initiatives outlined below.

3) Charitable Initiatives - They Walk the Talk

With every purchase, The Clean Collective’s sustainable products help consumers to reduce the level of toxins and plastics they release into the environment. At checkout, the team also offers customers the opportunity to remove additional plastic through their partnerships with Take 3 from the Sea. Here is what they’ve achieved to date:

  • Diverted 1.9M single-use items from landfill;
  • Planted 54K trees - off setting last year’s Christmas wrapping paper;
  • Removed 6K pieces of plastic from the environment; and
  • Prevented approximately 2M litres of toxic chemical products being consumed. 

4) IP Protected Standard Which is Changing the Game

The Clean Collective’s Safety & Sustainability Standard was developed in consultation with global experts and chemical databases. It’s already so respected that one major supplier removed an ingredient from its cleaning product so it could be sold on The Clean Collective. With the capital raised, the team plans on digitising and disseminated this standard as an app. The idea is for people to scan personal care and cleaning products to identify their true safety and sustainability status. Thus, the app will act like a personal assistant during shopping. Given the new standard is the heart of the machine, fuelling everything the company does, setting it apart from competitors and ensuring trust from customers, the digitisation of it will change the game for this industry – and The Clean Collective owns the IP.

5) The Team

One of The Clean Collective’s greatest assets is their extraordinary team. The three Co-Founders, Charlie, Georgia and Charli, have vast experience in digital development, marketing, logistics and customer service. Beyond this is a digital acquisition and retention agency (that usually only works with Fortune 500s) and a third-party logistics provider, with an Amazon-style distribution model. While the digital agency works to drive sales into the business, the third-party logistics provider reduces payroll liability, customer service demand, and distribution errors via state-of-the-art technology, all while increasing parcel-to-customer speed and satisfaction.

On the advisor committee is Robyn Frost, former Editor-in-Chief of The Australian Women’s Weekly, Lex Pederson, Founder of SurfStitch, and Clover Chambers, Co-Founder of PeriscoPe Commerce Consulting

For these 5 reasons and more we’ve chosen to work with The Clean Collective. More and more people are adopting a healthier lifestyle which means the market is growing as evident by the traction to date. The team and its mission means that you’ll be investing in something that is not only for profit but for purpose, profiting if the company continues to grow.

According to research the air in our homes is more polluted than outside, our babies are being born with over 200 chemicals in their umbilical cords and we have only 11.5 years until an unprecedented climate disaster. It’s time to change and The Clean Collective offers us a chance to do so.

And if That Wasn’t Enough, There are Investors Rewards

As well as discounts and exclusive early access, The Clean Collective is pledging to plant trees and remove plastic from the environment with every investment.


The Clean Collective's equity crowdfund closes Friday 16 August. View the offer here.

Always consider the offer doc & general risk warning before investing:

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