The Australian State of Play

The Australian State of Play

As you’re probably aware a lot has been happening in Australia as of late. We’ve had a change in government, and few controversial statements, all that juicy political stuff!

What Does This Mean For Equity Crowdfunding?

Well, actually, it’s got bipartisan support, and it’s still on the government’s agenda, at the top of the agenda in fact.

Previously ex-Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson, as seen in this post, spearheaded the equity crowdfunding legislation. However, the Small Business portfolio is now lead by Victorian MP Kelly O'Dwyer.

What Does It All Mean?

Alright, we’re getting there, as noted in the Australian Financial Review last week “[t]he Turnbull government is working on a major innovation agenda with crowdfunding for start-ups and tax breaks for “angel investors” in fledgling tech companies as top priorities.”

Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne is now leading the charge, and developments are expected in the next months. Mr Pyne has even gone so far as to note that the government has dragged the chain on the legislation.

Equitise is already the Trans-Tasman Investment Platform, offering investment to retail and angel investors in New Zealand as well as sophisticated Australian investors. In Q1 2016 Equitise will be offering full retail equity crowdfunding solutions on both sides of the Tasman.

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