Successful Crowdfund Case Study: CropLogic

Successful Crowdfund Case Study: CropLogic

Campaign Year: 2016

Campaign Type: NZ - Equity Crowdfunding

Campaign Duration: 70 days

Amount Invested: N$512,200

N° of investors: 35

Average Investment: N$14,628

% Funded: 128.1%

CropLogic aims to improve crop yields by combining advanced research and technology with an in-field agronomy support team to provide accurate advice to growers. Since its incorporation, CropLogic has steadily grown into an international agronomy services company driven by leading research and technology with highly skilled and trained personnel, specialist knowledge of cropping systems, regional know-how and emerging data analytics and predictive tools platforms.

CropLogic has undertaken over 600 field trials in the development of its technology, working with some of the largest potato processors in markets of interest. To gain immediate access to key contract growers, CropLogic intends to strategically acquire agronomy companies in regions of interest, to grow to a targeted $147.2m revenue with 160 agronomists and 3.2m acres by 2020.

Through the Equitise equity crowdfunding platform, CropLogic raised NZ$512,200, overfunding the target by 28%.

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