Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Goodments

Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Goodments

Goodments is the world’s first investment platform that matches people to investments based on their environmental, social and ethical values. The business has constructed its model in such a way that it makes money whilst doing good. Equitise was really excited to work with Goodments as it’s a nice alignment that the people who want to invest in stuff they give a stuff about, could also invest and support the company that is giving them the opportunity to do so. Equity crowdfunding is all about giving everyday investors the option to invest in companies they are passionate about and, as evident in the data, people are passionate about investing for good.

Crowdfunding Australia

Goodments' goal is to use the power of investment to shape a more sustainable future, by making it easy to support good business. The platform gives financial and sustainability data to show an investment’s true performance, as well as the real impact that the investments make whilst challenging traditional investing by offering brokerage-free investments. ‘Good business’ can also be good for business with companies invested in by Goodments' customers having overall outperformed the NASDAQ and the MSCI World Indexes while having a positive impact. So far 52K tonnes of CO2 emissions and 88k gigawatts of non-renewable electricity have been avoided and 60k tonnes of waste recycled.

Goodments' founders designed the platform as a solution to a growing desire from an ever-increasing population of conscious investors. Nine in ten Australians now expect their super and other investments to be invested ethically and responsibly - quadrupling since 2014.

The company initially raised $100,000 through angel investors, using those funds to secure market licenses, test their product among the target market and develop MVP analysis. The results were so impressive the company raised a further $650,000 in its seed round for product development.

Goodments Success

Since its launch in late 2018, Goodments have had great traction captivating the interest of 3,300+ who have made 3,800 trades accumulating to over $3.5 million. After the success in Australia, Goodments now have plans to expand their business to the UK, inviting their customers and followers along for the journey through the equity crowdfund.

Goodments’ equity crowdfund launched on 18th March and ran for over 40 days. The campaign was very successful, easily reaching its minimum target and going on to be 239% funded.   

Goodments was highlighted in many online publications sites like Smart Company, The Australian and Start Up Daily.

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