Successful IPO Case Study: DongFang Modern

Successful IPO Case Study: DongFang Modern

Campaign Year: 2015

Campaign Type: AU – IPO

Campaign Duration: 7 days

Amount Invested: A$95,920

N° of investors: 19

Average Investment: A$5,048

DongFang Modern is the largest harvester of citrus and camellia products in China, with over 8,000 hectares of plantations located within the premier fruit growing region, Jiangxi Province. These products are supplied to tier 1 Chinese cities through established supply chains and logistics channels.

Demand for DongFang Modern’s products is anticipated to continue to increase as a growing Chinese middle class becomes more health conscious and fruit consumption increases. With the latest cultivation processes and tree husbandry increasing efficiency and yields, DongFang Modern has the potential to experience sustained growth in the coming years.

DongFang Modern successfully listed on the ASX through an IPO, in which A$95,920 was raised through the Equitise platform from 19 investors. Funds raised through the IPO were used to make strategic acquisitions to expand land tenure and to increase working capital as the company wishes to maintain its debt-free status and cash flows are highly seasonal.

The IPO price was $1.00 per share and it reached a peak price of $2.47 representing a 147% return for investors.

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