SOFI Spritz – The Journey So Far. A Note from Founder Tom Maclean

SOFI Spritz  – The Journey So Far. A Note from Founder Tom Maclean

With under a week left of our campaign, we’re over 80% funded and we thought it would be a great time to take a moment and say a massive thank you to our investors, fans and the media for supporting SOFI’s journey so far - we’ve been absolutely stoked by the incredible response.

Equity Crowdfunding was a fairly obvious choice for us, as SOFI was originally created in close consultation with fans - starting out at the Bondi Farmers Markets where we received feedback in real-time. We then successfully completed 3 rewards based crowdfunding campaigns, which helped us to upgrade our original packaging, select our second recipe and develop an entire seasonal range, key development projects that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our fans. So, the idea that we can now give our supporters the opportunity to own a stake in the business, its growth and future success is really exciting.

The most exciting part for us, is that anyone can invest in equity crowdfunding and with a low barrier to entry of just $250, to become a SOFI Spritz shareholder, unlike other investment routes, it’s highly accessible. 

Similar to venture capital, investing in private companies with equity crowdfunding can carry greater risk, but it can also bring greater returns when SOFI is successful.

As well as being a co-owner, we’re also offering a number of immediate and ongoing rewards for all investors, depending on the level of investment including, investor only discounts, SOFI Spritz merchandise including t-shirts and eskies and first access to new releases.

We look forward to growing the crowd behind SOFI and we can’t wait to see what comes next.



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