Retirement Income Group "Overfunded"!

Retirement Income Group "Overfunded"!

We are pleased to announce that Ralph Stewart’s Retirement Income Group has successfully closed 182% overfunded!

The offer lasted only about a week, with an incredible amount of interest.  The phone at Equitise HQ was ringing off the hook, with interested sophisticated New Zealand and Australian investors.

The “golden gate bridge” theory (that there is a peak at the beginning and end of each crowdfunding campaign) was proven correct with 39 investors tipping in on the final day, and a total of 79 investors all up.

The average investment for the offer was $5,763, dispelling the myth that equity crowdfunding is mostly comprised of individuals subscribing for the minimum amount ($500).

We wish Ralph, Rhys and Casey all the best for the future of their product, the Lifetime Income Fund. We are proud to allow Kiwis a chance to participate in their future success.

Check back soon for our next offer!

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