ReadiiTel's Investment Opportunity

ReadiiTel's Investment Opportunity

With the national broadband network still rolling out across the nation, households and businesses have encountered a range of issues from delays to unusable internet speeds. Australia has long suffered under outdated infrastructure and large incumbent telcos with our broadband speeds ranked 62nd in the world.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman released their Quarter 1 report for the 2020 financial year stating, “Consumers are telling us problems with their bill and the customer service they are receiving continue to be problematic. Delays with getting connected and no working phone or internet service were also recorded as key issues.”

ReadiiTel to the rescue!

In a time where small-medium enterprises (SMEs) are booming and side hustles are becoming key to success, internet connectivity can be the difference between success or failure. With fast reliable internet powered by innovate technology, IT infrastructure management and exceptional, local customer service, ReadiiTel provides the internet solutions that Australia has been waiting for.

You can currently invest in ReadiiTel for as little as $500 and so far, the response has been resounding. ReadiiTel hit its minimum funding target of $300,000 even before it went public. Closing on the 24th of December, these are some of the reasons why you should join the many others who are getting behind ReadiiTel’s journey.

The game changer

ReadiiTel is a disruptor in an outdated industry that lacks care and innovation. The big telcos have long gotten away with poor internet solutions and poor customer service. Smaller businesses have too often been left behind in favour of larger billing customers. ReadiiTel currently provides:

  • Uniform Solution - ReadiiTel eliminates the inefficiencies associated with the traditional separation of ISP and MSP offerings by providing an end-to-end full solution for our customers 
  • Cost Effective - Since it doesn't need to realise a return on investment in outdated technology, such as the NBN, its customers are able to receive both the operational and financial efficiencies of innovative technology solutions
  • Customer Service - Where most larger telcos outsource their customer service to call centres, ReadiiTel strives to provide a higher level of personalised and onsite support. As a single touchpoint for all ICT needs, we can provide service that Australia deserves. Since becoming operational, ReadiiTel has only churned one client.

Fixed wireless - a better option

The big telcos have spent the last several years investing in optic fibre technology, which while a source of fast internet, is cost inefficient. To make matters worse, the NBN, which was supposed to bring Australia’s Internet into the 21st century, had its own funding slashed, meaning it now combines outdated copper technology that prevents its potential benefits from being realised. ReadiiTel is developing a network of Fixed Wireless technology that provides speeds equivalent to private optic fibre connections, combined with higher reliability lower costs.

Key achievements

In little over a year, ReadiiTel has already expanded to most Australian capital cities and have reached over $70,000 in recurring monthly revenues. They have recently broken even on a monthly basis and are continuing to leverage existing capabilities while rapidly expanding and improving their technological solutions. Having only churned one customer in their operational lifetime, ReadiiTel’s approach has been validated and is primed to scale rapidly.

A strong outlook

ReadiiTel is undertaking a capital raise to facilitate its expansion plans Australia-wide. The construction of a fixed wireless network, a faster, cheaper and more reliable alternative to the technology currently employed by large telcos, is already underway in Melbourne. With the funds raised through this offering, ReadiiTel will be well-positioned to expand their superior service to further capital cities. ReadiiTel also intends to widen its target market to consumer households to enable all of Australia to benefit.

More information can be found in the ReadiiTel offer page when the offer opens on Tuesday 19 November.

Investment in early-stage companies is risky, so please consider the additional information and risk warnings before making an investment.

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