Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Photonic Innovations

Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Photonic Innovations

Campaign Year: 2017

Campaign Type: NZ - Wholesale

Campaign Duration: 17 days

Amount Invested: N$442,101

N° of investors: 11

Average Investment: N$40,191

% Funded: 270.2%

Photonic Innovations Ltd. has designed a patent-protected approach to detecting toxic and hazardous gas leaks using laser technology. Toxic and hazardous gas leaks are a major problem for many industries, resulting in fatalities, plant shut downs, litigation and high insurance costs. Photonic’s technology provides an innovative solution that is highly accurate producing no false alarms, with a response time vastly superior to traditional chemical sensors. Unlike existing technologies that rely on chemicals, laser technology does not require recalibration with time or after exposure to toxic or hazardous gas, all the while being cheaper than existing solutions. While Photonic Innovations’ gas detection platform can be tailored to suit most industrial gases, the company is initially targeting customers working with ammonia. Currently, Australasia’s most trusted cold store, meat processing and dairy operations trusts Photonic Innovations to keep their workers safe.

Through Equitise $442,101 was invested from 11 investors to overfund the campaign by 170.2%. These funds were used to expand Photonic’s market presence, hire new staff, to fund research and development and as working capital. Since obtaining funding from Equitise investors, a Methane detector has been developed and launched for applications in mines, power plants and oil and gas.

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