Off3r and the Business of Crowdfunding

Off3r and the Business of Crowdfunding

As the equity crowdfunding market continues to evolve and improve, it requires a new wave of apps to keep apace with its rapid market expansion. Off3r, the newest tool for the savvy investor who requires a breadth of investment choices at their fingertips, provides this. As the world’s leading mobile crowdfunding aggregator, it showcases startups across all industries to put investors in touch with the freshest, most disruptive companies

Off3r has curated partnerships with premier crowdfunding platforms, such as Equitise, to ensure investors have a filtered access to only quality investment opportunities.  As a free-to-use, real-time mobile platform, Off3r gives investors the most up-to-date information available before making a decision.

The equity crowdfunding industry continues to develop rapidly as investors, companies and governments across the globe recognise its tremendous benefits and capabilities beyond the realm of traditional investment and capital raising.

The industry’s significance and growth is difficult to overstate: 2015’s industry report from the University of Cambridge and Nesta showed a staggering 295% growth in funds raised on equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK to £332 million – up from £84 million raised in 2014.

The same report found that 15.6% of the total seed and venture-stage investment in the UK was conducted through equity crowdfunding platforms, highlighting their importance to the early-stage investment landscape.

As this development occurs, offshoot industries are beginning to appear. OFF3R is part of a wave of companies that have come into existence to support the crowdfunding industry. Entire branches of support industries have appeared, specifically targeting the alternative finance industry – specialist legal services, financial advisors, publications, and more unique services such as OFF3R.

We think OFF3R’s unique aggregation of global equity crowdfunding offers is a vital part of the growing ecosystem. It allows investors to track the market from anywhere in the world on their phones – we like it.

The proliferation of equity crowdfunding platforms requires tools for investors to search and analyse the large amount investment opportunities presented. Investors of today are not bound by domestic borders or by the traditional constraints of the traditional investment marketplace. OFF3R plays a significant role in an investment decision-making by presenting investors with a global pool of opportunities.

Equity crowdfunding has the potential to be a huge boon to cross-border flows of investment, allowing capital to seek out attractive opportunities regardless of their location.

OFF3R furthers the global aspirations of equity crowdfunding, breaking down artificial borders by giving individuals access to investment opportunities across the globe, and company’s access to a global pool of capital.

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