Nature's Help natural approach entices investors

Nature's Help natural approach entices investors

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Nature’s Help and their sister company Turmeric Australia, provide natural solutions for menopause and common aging issues. With their large database and loyal following, Nature’s Help undertook an Equity Crowdfund to give the community who has supported them for many years the opportunity to invest.

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Who is Nature's Help?

Nature's Help is a leading Queensland-based FemTech business that specialises in all-natural, evidence-based nutraceutical supplements for women's health and well-being that is manufactured in Australia.

Why we liked Nature's Help

Unique Selling Point in a Growing Market

Nature’s Help’s unique menopause-focused collection and their turmeric collection, are a meaningful differentiator in a market that is primed for expansion with increasing awareness and funding put into the FemTech space.

Loyal Community

With a database of over 41,000 subscribers, more than 300,000 orders processed, an impressive re-order rate of 36% and numerous 5-star reviews. The Nature’s Help team were able to demonstrate their brand's strong customer loyalty that proved fruitful to the raise.

Regulatory Approved Products

Every product in Nature's Help Menopause Collection is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, which upholds rigorous standards to ensure world-class quality. In addition, the products are manufactured exclusively in Australia, Nature's Help products adhere to the highest manufacturing standards.

Key Takeaways


Unsurprisingly majority of investors were also Nature’s Help customers, with a larger percentage than usual being female investors. It showed the investors who connected most with the investment opportunity were those who could relate to the product.


Crowdfunding Australia
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