Equitise Founder Jonny Wilkinson Chats to Equity Mates Podcast

Equitise Founder Jonny Wilkinson Chats to Equity Mates Podcast

Back in 2019, our founder Jonny Wilkinson sat down with the Equity Mates Investing Podcast to discuss investing, venture capital and how Equitise fits in. Since then, Equity Mates have enjoyed roaring success, particularly fuelled by growing retail investment amongst younger investors throughout the pandemic (not to mention high-quality content!). We thought we'd revisit the chat they had with Jonny where they discussed:

  • What is Equitise and what is equity crowdfunding
  • Why a business would choose to crowdfund over debt or venture capital
  • How to buy into a company through Equitise
  • The Pro's and con's of crowdfunding
  • The major success stories that have come through Equitise
  • The current state of the Australian VC market
  • Plus much more!
Taken from the podcast summary:

"We love investing in companies at Equity Mates, and normally this is done through the public markets and stock exchanges. However, there is a whole other world of private markets that retail investors, like us, rarely get access to. It's in these markets, for example, that you get to invest in innovative, early-stage companies before they potentially exit with IPO.

The good news is that there are businesses set up to make the private markets accessible to the retail investor. One of the businesses is Equitise. In this episode, we chat with the Co-founder and Director of Equitise, Jonny Wilkinson. Equitise is an equity crowdfunding platform, allowing Australian and New Zealanders to invest in early-stage companies in return for equity. It has the potential to be an exciting addition to your investment portfolio!"

You can listen below:

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