Harrington Systems Electronics Merges With DIT Technologies

Harrington Systems Electronics Merges With DIT Technologies

Media Release: Harrington Systems Electronics Pty Ltd merges with DIT Technologies Ltd to up AgTech game for farmers. 

Harrington Systems Electronics are pleased to announce the planned merger with DIT Technologies Ltd to offer joint Ag-Tech solutions for farm management and increased productivity through remote monitoring and supplementation through water medication. DIT Technologies Ltd will acquire 100% of Harrington Systems Electronics Pty Ltd, including key people and customers and the merged business will operate under the Direct Injection Technologies brand.

Harrington Systems Electronics was created in 2005 by William Harrington and family with the aim of bringing to the agriculture industry practical and hardy technologies made to withstand rural conditions. HSE over the last 14 years have provided the industry with game changing remote monitoring technology (uSee Remote Monitoring) to help producers save time and money with water and stock management.

DIT Technologies is an exciting company with a long history of providing water medication products that allow for water supplementation for livestock using patented proportional dosing technology. DIT has plans over the next 12 months to expand operations to multiple locations across Australia and in the longer term, expect to roll out a global expansion.

HSE has been working with DIT Technologies Ltd for over 2 years to help develop their water medication systems and integrate them into the uSee Remote Monitoring platform to allow users to see all their camera, tank and water data in one spot. DIT Technologies Ltd is an exciting company paving the way with remote water supplementation so the merger is a natural progression for both companies.

This merger will allow the continued development of the uSee platform and designing of practical technologies with rural condition in mind. Moving forward, William Harrington will take on the role of CTO for Direct Injection Technologies to spearhead development of their next generation of water medication systems and develop the next generation of uSee products.

William Harrington, managing director of HSE will become DIT’s Chief Technology Officer and will oversee product development for DIT going forward: 

“I am excited to join the DIT team and to have the opportunity to further the development of the uSee remote monitoring system and on DIT’s other key products, the Nutridose and Promatic. I’ve had an interest in AgTech my entire life and will continue to design products for the industry I am wholly dedicated to.”

Mark Peart, CEO and Founder of DIT Technologies Ltd sees the merger as a positive move for the consumer:

“The merger with Harrington Systems Electronics will allow us to offer a platform for remote monitoring and in time the ability to provide remote controlling of our proportional dosers. As we move forward we will be able to solve connectivity problems in real time, offer animal tracking and virtual fencing solutions This will give graziers and farmers a ‘one stop shop’ for all of their technology and innovation solutions.” 

The uSee platform is a very easy to use platform to assist with remote monitoring and Will’s understanding of Technology in the Livestock sector is second to none. His network, connections, passion and ability will add tremendous value to DIT and allow our business to continue to scale and innovate assisting Australian farmers in remaining the best in the world. This is a very exciting day for our company as we scale and grow to build a truly Global Australian Livestock Technology and Animal Health Business from the dust up.

This acquisition will allow DIT to integrate the uSee remote monitoring system into their water supplement dosing products and to use DIT’s newly established sales team to further sales and support of the uSee products.

To view the DIT investment offer on the platform, click here.

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