Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Gather Online

Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Gather Online

Campaign Year: 2017

Campaign Type: NZ - Equity Crowdfunding

Campaign Duration: 48 days

Amount Invested: N$898,829

N° of investors: 12

Average Investment: N$82,485.75

% Funded: 213.3%

Gather Online is a leading social media platform to gather and share what’s on your mind with people on your wavelength.

Traditional social media including Facebook and Twitter have failed to help us sustain meaningful relationships with our friends and followers, with research showing that we never communicate with 89% of our social media connections. Time factors, delay and complacency between connections and within groups lead to stale conversations that eventually fade and communication is lost.

Gather Online aims to change the way we interact by providing time-limited ‘Gatherings’ on a topic of interest that disappear after a set amount of time. By time-limiting Gatherings, members are encouraged to participate actively and immediately, keeping conversations fresh. The Gather Connect proprietary advertising technology, utilising an AI algorithm, aids in this process by funnelling like-minded users to the Gather Online platform.

Following a successful Beta 2 test in early 2016, Gather Online was steadily gaining traction by generating 30,000 new users over the period, with a significant number of Gatherings achieving over 200 participants. With upcoming launches in the US, UK and Asia in mid-2017, Gather Online approached Equitise to crowdfund capital for scaling the business through hiring additional technology staff (60%) and marketing (33%). High interest in Gather online saw the crowdfund overfunded by 113.3%, raising a total of a$898,829.

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