FTN Motion's capital raise drives in investors

FTN Motion's capital raise drives in investors

The ultimate urban electric motorcycle


FTN Motion partnered with Equitise as part of a wider series A raise. Initially undertaking a wholesale raise only, FTN Motion approached Equitise after receiving significant demand from their retail customers, who wanted the opportunity to invest alongside wholesale investors. FTN Motion raised $486,584 via the Equitise platform.

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Who is FTN Motion?

FTN Motion is a New Zealand company creating its own class of electric vehicles with its urban motorcycle: the Streetdog.

Why we liked FTN Motion

Design Quality

FTN Motion’s highly crafted bikes provide non-traditional motorcycle riders a seamless urban electric way of commuting. 

Deliverability & Community

Their first run of production sold out and they had multiple waist lists of riders eager to experience their own urban commute. This showed the strong demand for the product and community backing behind the company.

Key Takeaways

Equal Opportunity

FTN Motion initially made investment available to wholesale investors but opened the round with Equitise when there was demand from retail investors to be able to invest. This proved fruitful for them as almost an additional $500,000 in funding was raised primarily from their retail community.

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