Fractel sprints to success maxing out their raise

Fractel sprints to success maxing out their raise

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Thanks to their community and passionate investors, Fractel closed their raise a day early when they reached their maximum funding target. Investors were eager to join Fractel, this was displayed by not only the fact that they maxed out their offer, but they reached their minimum funding target in only half an hour of those who expressed interest having access to the offer.

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Who is Fractel?

Fractel are a sustainable and innovative sportswear brand that focuses on sports headwear. They aim to be different from other sportswear brands by offering a unique combination of style, and function while maintaining an environmental consciousness. Their goal is to meet the needs of a growing market of customers who are looking for ethically made, high-quality athletic wear.

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Unique Market Player

Fractel isn't your typical sportswear brand. They've carved out a unique niche with fully customisable headwear that doesn't sacrifice performance or eco-friendliness. This innovative approach has allowed them to capitalise on a booming market for sustainable athletic wear.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Their impressive revenue growth and partnerships with big names like Red Bull and Google solidify their position as a leader in this space. With a focus on both style and sustainability, Fractel is a brand that's attracting both environmentally conscious consumers and major corporations, capturing revenue from both B2B and B2C.

Key Takeaways

Engaged and warm EOI’s

Thanks to Fractel’s regular cadence of their communications, investors from their database were well-positioned and educated on the equity crowdfunding campaign. This meant that, the messaging was clear to people that they had a certain timeframe to invest, and with limited allocation, spots filled fast. Fractel was also able to transition effectively from one phase of the campaign to the next, allowing those who expressed their interest to stay warm.

Strong from start to finish

Making sure they utilise their networks, the Fractel team were able to gather commitment at the beginning of the raise, leading to a strong start when the offer opened. This then helped generate momentum over the next few weeks of the campaign, with the offer eventually closing early because they had reached their maximum funding target.

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