5 Reasons to Invest in Urbotanica

5 Reasons to Invest in Urbotanica

Urbotanica is an innovative start-up that uses technology to help consumers grow fresh produce at home, empowering them to be sustainable and embrace the ‘grow your own’ revolution. 

The company is undertaking an equity crowdfund to access the capital it needs to take advantage of the growth opportunities at its doorstep. Urbotanica chose to raise capital via equity crowdfunding because it wants its customers and followers to join it on the ride becoming co-owners in the business. It makes sense that those who support the brand, and the ‘grow-your-own’ movement, are the ones to benefit from any growth.

5 Reasons to Invest

Prior success

Urbotanica launched its first product, the UrbiPod, in mid-2017. As an intelligent micro indoor garden the UrbiPod helps conscientious urban consumers who want to learn more about their food and how to grow in an urban environment. It’s success is a key indicator of customer and market demand and in two years the product has achieved:

  • $350,000 in sales
  • 100% year on year sales growth
  • Designed and made 2,000 UrbiPods
  • A portion of the funds raised will go towards commencing the next production run of the UrbiPod to meet increasing demand

Market opportunities

The Urban agtech consumer market is currently worth $210 billion dollars globally. In Australia, urban ag sales are valued at $750 million per year and it’s estimated that 4.7 million Australia households’ growth their own food.

The demand for urban ag-tech products is only set to rise with the global population estimated to hit 10 billion people in the next 30 years with more than 50% living in urban cities. Asia alone will house 64% of the global middle class by 2030.

This creates a massive opportunity for any urban ag-tech company especially one that is Australian founded and a product that is Australian made. Australia has a recognised agricultural heritage and reputation for high quality clean and green products as well as high levels of food & biosecurity controls. Urbotanica believes it’s very well placed to take a leadership position in the fast growing global urban agtech market.

Established sales channels

Urbotanica have tested and adopted a multi-channel sales approach that delivers an appropriate gross margin contribution including:

  • E-retail - webstore with product info, how-to's and FAQ's
  • Retail - UrbiPod product in expanding network of national retail
  • Digital - digital/social media channels with over 1 million views
  • Influencers - an understanding of the influencer cost and benefit
  • Direct Channels - social and community engagement through word of mouth

With these channels the company can effectively distribute current and new products as well as source and supply aligned 3rd party products. This means that whilst they have proven successful with UrbiPod sales to date there is significant potential to grow within.  

Plays within multiple global trends

Urbanisation - As addressed above, the global population is growing with a substantial number of people living in urban areas. This means less space and often less time to ‘grow your own’ making the current UrbiPod a fantastic solution which is only going to become more relevant and in-demand.   

Sustainability - Each year Australians throw out $8 billion of useable food and the total distance travelled by an average Australian shopping basket is over 70,000kms which creates over 16,000 tonnes of CO2. Unquestionably consumers are becoming increasing conscious of their 'personal footprint' on the planet which is a major reason the ‘grow your own’ revolution is starting to take off.

Health & Wellness - Consumers are seeking more information about the source and health impact of what they eat. Fresh produce plays a major part in this and the UrbiPod makes growing your own fresh produce so much easier. In this era of Netflix and Ubereats, it's also all about ease and convenience and what could be less demanding than a self-regulating indoor garden that sits on your bench?

Tangible investors rewards

If the other reasons weren't enough, exclusive rewards for investors are outlined below.


Above we’re outlined 5 major reasons to invest in a business that lets you access the $210 billion urban agtech market. Urbotanica is harnessing multiple global trends (health and wellness, urbanisation, sustainability etc) in a market that is becoming increasingly important as the global population rises. The UrbiPod is the first of what the company predicts to be many products that give consumers solutions to growing fresh produce at home. Within the offer document (available when the deal opens) you’ll find many more reasons to invest.

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