Firstcheck Case Study

Firstcheck Case Study

Firstcheck is the first product of its kind, providing a life-saving technological innovation that revolutionises skin cancer screening. Approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, an epidemic that Firstcheck seeks to address by placing the ability to check and detect skin cancer in the hands of everyday people.

By combining a unique and scalable platform with the revolutionary Firstcheck SkinScopeTM, customers are able to check their moles and spots via their smartphones. The specialised skin magnifier enables the capture of highly magnified photographs, through which doctors are able to potentially diagnose skin cancers and at-risk spots.

Crowdfunding Australia

Firstcheck has seen strong success so far on its journey, with over 33,000 app downloads to date. With impressive clinical results, Firstcheck has been able to partner with leading enterprise-level customers and experts in the field. The innovation has already been recognised in the NZ Innovation Awards, New Zealander of the Year Awards, and the Ministry of Health’s MedTech Innovation Showcase.

With the global teledermatology market expected to reach USD 8.6 billion by 2024, Firstcheck is poised to scale and expand its innovative offering. Having already been credited with saving lives, the funds raised will support the next steps in taking the technology across Australasian markets and global. Skin cancer is a highly preventable and treatable disease, and Firstcheck is the healthcare disruptor that can improve the industry for the better.

Firstcheck successfully closed at 115.4% of its minimum, raising $577,006.43 from 101 passionate investors.

The campaign saw a great deal of media attention for both the raise and the Firstcheck product itself, including sources from the medical community. The company was featured in publications such as NZ Herald, Pulse It Magazine and NBR.

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