Challenges and Opportunities of the Fintech Industry: The Fourth Annual Fintech Summit 2017 – Sydney

Challenges and Opportunities of the Fintech Industry: The Fourth Annual Fintech Summit 2017 – Sydney

The fintech sector is shaping the national and international financial services world – the 2017 Fourth Annual Fintech Summit discussed fintechs’ new challenges and opportunities.

Fintech technologies are changing the financial services world. Many events addressing topics such as blockchain, lending, payments, data, crypto and others, have been organised all around Australia, with the aim of bringing the major fintech companies and entrepreneurs together.

The event is organised by Frocomm Australia, an independent association that aims to promote the fintech industry, in partnership with Ashurst, a global law firm with a specialty in fintechs. The summit is sponsored by Bureau Van Dijk, expert in private company information and will include a range of players, from fintech entrepreneurs to finance professionals, investors, bankers, lawyers and other tech professionals.

What about the topics? Many issues will be addressed by the eighteen speakers who come from the most influential and innovative technology companies, and will talk about the fintech ecosystem and the way in which financial services are changing.

The event will welcome its audience from 9am and it will carry on with interesting discussions about the fintech landscape. In particular, the first conversation will turn around the growth of the fintech industries, with all the challenges and competition they have to face. All these topics will be approached from both a national and international perspective.

This first debate will be followed by a panel discussion on the rise of smart contracts and, after the morning break, the ASIC Commissioner John Price will talk about the fintech opportunities. The morning will be closed by Tom Burden, the strategic account manager of Oceania at Bureau van Dick, who will focus on the secret sauce of fintechs. After lunch, the event won’t lose its rhythm, as several founders and CEOs will give their views on the top trends and issues in the global and local fintech sectors. Brad Delamare, CEO at Tank Stream Labs, will be chair of this panel session.

The fintech sector is changing the shape of financial services in a fast way and the panel of experts will give their own vision about the future of financial services and how open APIs can benefit fintechs. The event will close around 8.15 pm after a drink function that will take place at the Tyro FinTech Hub.

If you don’t want to lose such an interesting event, you are still in time to register, visit the event website to get further information and to register to the event.

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