Investors come together to help fight food waste

Investors come together to help fight food waste

Farmers Pick offers a sustainable solution to unwanted produce.


After successful growth since its initial equity crowdfund, despite some environmental challenges, Farmers Pick undertook its second Equity Crowdfund in as many years. Supported by previous investors wanting to re-invest, and new customers who wanted to own their share in the food distribution company. 

The team at Farmers Pick were able to raise over $500,000 to set them up for their expansion into more states and territories.

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Who is Farmers Pick?

Farmers Pick are on a mission to fight food waste. Through direct partnerships with farmers, Farmers Pick delivers imperfect produce at a cost-saving to its customers. The fruits and vegetables they supply would otherwise be dumped and disregarded thanks to unrealistic supermarket standards.

Why we liked Farmers Pick

Proven Track Record: Farmers Pick undertook an Equity Crowdfund the previous year and set out all they promised to achieve. This included growing revenue 180% YoY, and increasing their active customers by 15% and average order value by 18%.

Impactful Business: Over 1.5M kilograms of food that was rejected by the supermarkets has been saved by Farmers Pick and delivered to their environment-conscious customers, who are doing their part to help combat food waste.

Scalable Platform: The team at Farmers Pick have invested in machinery that allows them to automate processes and reduce labour costs. This will also allow them to easily scale their operations as demand for their products increases across Australia.

Key Takeaways

Experienced CSF Team:
Successfully undertaking a CSF raise the previous year, the team at Farmers Pick were well equipped to raise with Equitise. They understood the processes in place, the nuances of a retail raise, as well as what needed to be communicated to their database.

Strong Social Presence: Farmers Pick’s strong social media presence came to light when conversion on an organic social post performed at a higher rate than normal - something they leveraged well throughout the campaign.

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