Press Release: Equity Crowdfunding sector reaches $30 million since new legislation passed

Press Release: Equity Crowdfunding sector reaches $30 million since new legislation passed

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Quick Equitise Facts:

  • Equitise has completed 54 successful raises totalling $25 million from 8,000+ investors through equity crowdfunding offers, wholesale offers and IPOs
  • More than 20% of Equitise subscribers have already invested through the platform
  • Industry is growing with Equitise having completed more deals in the past 6 months than in 2018. The company currently has 6 offers live on the platform and are forecasting 40 live offers on the platform in 2019

18 months since equity crowdfunding legislation passed in Australia, the industry has successfully raised over approximately $30 million for 40 companies from nearly 30,000 investments.

Completing 54 raises, Equitise has cemented its place as the leading equity crowdfunding platform in Australia and New Zealand raising $25 million from 8,000 investors through equity crowdfunding offers, wholesale offers and IPOs. With a 75% success rate on its platform and an investment database of 30,000 potential investors, Equitise receives on average $3,100 per investor across its various investment channels.

Winner of the 2019 Finnies Award for Excellence in Crowdfunding, Equitise is the largest platform in Australia and has been behind some of the most exciting and successful campaigns in the country.

One of the first platforms to secure its equity crowdfunding license and the first to launch an equity crowdfunding offer, Equitise continues to be an innovator in the Australian fintech sector with plans for international expansion into new markets in the pipeline.

With an investor split of 75% male and 25% female, the most popular sectors are fintech, food and beverage and consumer interest. For instance, Equitise has raised capital for three alcohol companies, Endeavour Brewing Co, Emperor Champagne and The West Winds Gin. Investors’ age between 18-87 years with the most active being between 30-40 years. Each raise has an average of 500 investors who overwhelmingly live in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Co-founder of Equitise, Jonny Wilkinson says whilst the equity crowdfunding industry is growing and maturing his mission to help innovative companies to access growth capital through new channels remains.

“Equity crowdfunding in Australia has made significant strides since legislation passed in 2017. When we first launched there was doubt that equity crowdfunding would work and now its an early disruptor that’s raised over $9 million for 8 companies, no small achievement for a new fintech,” says Wilkinson.

“We’re providing an alternative avenue to funding for a diverse range of founders and investors. We’re not just challenging VC firms but also giving early-stage companies a channel to engage further with their customers, users and future brand advocates. Data from our various raises shows that alcohol brands on the platform have a 100% success rate, raising over $2 million from 962 investors. This shows us that there’s a particular appetite for investing in consumer brands in industries that investors are passionate about. They also generally have more of a following which helps with traction in the initial stages of the campaign,” he said.

Since launching in 2014, Equitise has completed its own successful funding rounds raising $3.6 million in five years with plans for a Series A in motion raising up to $3 million. 

Equitise is responsible for successful raises including neobank Xinja for $5.3 million over two raises, Ag-tech innovator DIT Technologies for $656K, Endeavour Brewing for $556K and several new exciting small-medium enterprises such as 4x4 body armour Rhinohide, sustainability marketplace The Clean Collective and Pacifico Optical which go-live on the platform in the coming weeks.

Equitise offers support before, during and after capital raising to ensure businesses have the best opportunity for success and make it simple and accessible for everyone to invest in highly vetted innovative companies even if they’ve never invested before through an automated and scalable online investment platform.

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