Equity Crowdfunding and Shopper 360: the Research Platform that Predicts Shopper Behaviour

Equity Crowdfunding and Shopper 360: the Research Platform that Predicts Shopper Behaviour

Shopper 360 by Lumaten has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on our platform, Equitise.

The aim of the capital raise is to further develop this innovative research platform that predicts shopper behaviour in a very accurate way.

The experience of Lumaten co-founders, Paul Fitzgerald and Troy Sugrue combines years of experience in commercial strategy, communications, anthropology and cognitive psychology. Their goal is to provide invaluable guidance on consumer behaviour in the retail environment. The project has also benefited from the expertise of Sean Cunial, an expert in brand marketing and commercial strategy, who has strong knowledge in the Asia-Pacific markets.

Driven by the fact that 85%-90% of products launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2017 will not be on sale in 2019 due to product failure, the founders saw a clear lack of consumer research and analysis; a lack which is negatively impacting companies and the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

Eager to find a solution to this problem, Fitzgerald and Sugrue have pooled their knowledge to create Shopper 360, a revolutionary marketing technology that will enable FMCG to respond to the industry changes and challenges.

There are four platforms within Shopper 360:

  • Virtual Reality: allows Shopper360 to create lifelike 3D digital retail environments to conduct controlled studies within the shopper journey.
  • Artificial Intelligence: allows the analysis and comparison of a huge amount of data, in order to find connections, trends and causes that a human cannot identify. The data is generated through measuring and recording participant’s behaviours.
  • Established research systems: Shopper 360 takes into consideration the theory and technology created by established research industries in regards to shopper space and trends.
  • Cognitive psychology: the platform strongly relies on the understanding of the neurological process that occur during the shopper experience.

Shopper 360 provides the revolutionary and accurate technology to test, record and provide metrics on the real shopper experience.

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