The Private and Public Phase of the Equity Crowdfunding Offer

The Private and Public Phase of the Equity Crowdfunding Offer

From the private to the public phase of the equity crowdfunding offer, Equitise helps innovative startups to prepare for the raise and attract investors.  

In the past decades, the process of targeting the right investors and the right business partners was a long and time-consuming challenge for startups. The development of the web has simplified and shortened this step, especially with the growth of web-based crowdfunding platforms.

Our equity crowdfunding platform Equitise was born in this lively and dynamic context. Our goal is to help the early-stage businesses that onboard on our platform throughout the whole equity crowdfunding campaign, guiding them through the different stages of the campaign.

Let’s now have a look at the different phases of the equity crowdfunding offer: 

The Campaign Pre-Launch

This phase usually lasts at least a few weeks before the launch. During this time, the company gets ready for the crowdfund, undertaking activities such as creating the Information Memorandum (IM), becoming a publicly unlisted company and starting to shoot the deal room video. 

Once all the above activities are underway, Equitise can put up a coming soon tile on our website, which will start to capture registrations of interest, build a crowd around the offer. This is vital as those who register interest start to create the momentum that will make the offer take off once launched.

The Private Deal Room

The private Deal Room, or private offer, which is normally open for approximately a week, is important as it provides further validation and traction for the company. At this stage, specific investors are targeted with the offer. In addition to some of our contacts, these investors are often friends, family and previous investors of the business.

As these investors are either connected to the business or have been chosen specifically, this phase helps to launch the offer with some momentum which is vital before the public launch.

From a marketing perspective, the offer is marketed usually by email driving as much traffic as possible towards the offer deal room. In this time, we continue to collect registrations of interest from those who have not been invited to the private deal room phase.

The Public Launch

The second stage is the public launch, where everyone, if it’s a retail offer, can access the offer on the platform and invest in it. At this point, we market the offer more broadly with the aim to provide investments from a larger network of investors. We address our network, the companies’ networks, their suppliers and any other strategic groups that are considering investing.

We also cast the net wider, to those who perhaps haven’t heard of the company or even equity crowdfunding. This brand awareness will help not only with the capital raise but with attracting new customers. The channels we use include press, social media, email, SEM and monthly events.

By implementing a variety of marketing activities, we want to ensure the maximum coverage of the crowdfund.

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