Equitise Placed in Top 50 Tech Pioneers Report

Equitise Placed in Top 50 Tech Pioneers Report

The 2016 Tech Pioneers report, has named Equitise as one of the top 50 pioneering startups across Australia and New Zealand. The report aims to showcase companies at the forefront of an ‘ideas boom’, and who will drive their respective industries and the Australian economy in the near future. Equitise’s placement on the list marks its position as one of the most exciting startups across Australia and New Zealand.

“Each demonstrates the power of technology to disrupt the status quo and are helping position our region as a leading innovation hub.”

- Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

How is the report judged?

The report, produced by H2 Ventures and Investec Australia, selects the list of 50 pioneering startups by judging them against five criteria: total capital raised, rate of capital raising, location and degree of sub industry disruption, and the subjective rating of the degree of product, service, customer experience and business model innovation. In his introduction to the report, Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull congratulated the top 50 companies, claiming they “highlight the importance of early stage capital for startups to be able to invest and grow.” He also states that the Government’s new National Innovation and Science Agenda, offering a 20% tax offset and capital gains exemption, makes early stage investment more accessible for startups.

“Technology is breaking down barriers, making it easier for local businesses to access new and increasingly wealthy markets across Asia.”

- Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

What do these companies offer?

The list, which features many genres of startups, demonstrates the innovation and technological advancement that increasingly drives the Australian economy. Equitise’s place on the list marks it as a leader in the Fintech marketplace, with its offer of “capital from the crowd” enabling Australia and and New Zealand startups to raise capital in an intuitive, simple and social way. Digital disruption via companies like Equitise is driving the Australian economy, and the Tech Pioneers Report acknowledges those companies leading the charge.

Want to see the other Tech Pioneers?

To find out more about the 2016 Tech Pioneers report, and to read its profile on Equitise, visit the Tech Pioneers website.  Equitise is proud to be placed among the most exciting and pioneering startups across Australia and New Zealand, and looks forward to being a part of the new generation of digital disruptors.

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