Investors climb aboard Deckee

Investors climb aboard Deckee

Deckee raise funds with Equitise as they look to global expansion.


Deckee chose to raise funds with Equitise as they looked to expand their operations globally, to become the google maps of the water. This was their biggest single raise to date. 

Crowdfunding Australia

Who is Deckee?

Deckee is a mobile app, marketplace and analytics platform for boating. Deckee helps deliver the best possible boating experience by providing every boater – whether beginner or advanced, with the tools and insights they need to be smarter, safer, and enjoy themselves on the water.

In only few year period from when Deckee launched they won commercial contracts and the endorsement of state governments in NSW, Western Australia, and Tasmania, along with the Boating Industry Association of Australia.

Why we liked Deckee

Australia’s #1 boating app globally used

Founded and built in Australia, Deckee grew to become the leading boating app locally. Decked is used not just for pleasure boater but anglers, sailors, kayakers and all type of watercrafts. At the time of the raise they were already used in 29 countries wit plans to expand further into the US.

Strava Co-Founder on board as Advisor

Deckee is advised by Mark Gainey, Co-Founder and Chairman of the world's leading fitness activity tracking app, Strava, with over 100 million members in 195 countries globally.

Over 250M+ privacy-approved data points generated

Deckee’s anonymised and aggregated data unlocks an order of magnitude improvement over current strategies and systems to understand waterway usage. Over half a million new data points are currently generated every day.

Key Takeaways

Aligning raise and company strategy
Deckee leveraged the raise to drive awareness and engagement for their upcoming product release of a marketplace for boating equipment and insurance. One of the ways they did this was by tying investor rewards to the upcoming new product release. When we engage with a client we seek to understand what upcoming company milestones they have so that we can ensure the raise is used to amplify. Whether its PR or customer engagement, aligning your raise strategy with your company strategy is ideal.

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