How to Create a Perfect Crowdfunding Video

How to Create a Perfect Crowdfunding Video

While developing your crowdfunding campaign, it’s easy to assume the rest of the world is as intimately familiar with the project as you are. After all, crowdfunding projects are passion projects, and many fail to realise that they have to convey this passion to would-be investors. The crowdfunding video is an essential part of this. They should not be underestimated either – Digital Media surveyed 7000 Kickstarter projects, finding that those with videos had an 85% higher chance of achieving their funding goal.  Kickstarter too agrees that videos increase the rate of a pitch’s success. Therefore, you need to consider how to maximise the appeal of your video, and Equitise’s below tips are sure to help.


Keeping it simple is the best rule to follow for any pitch, and it applies also to your crowdfunding video pitch – any overlong, overly complicated spiel risks losing the audience’s attention. In the saturated marketplace, it’s ideal to keep your pitch pithy, with a length that doesn’t exceed 3 minutes. You have plenty of documentation to supplement your video, so don’t be overly concerned about fitting all the fine print into those two minutes. The short attention spans and business of your prospective investors means they don’t have time to waste.

Script and flow

A good maxim to follow for the crowdfunding video, is that it should be your elevator pitch, only better directed. Fitting in your background, vision, and milestones so far are all key points to target, and are the signifiers your audience will be looking out for. Leave the viewer wanting to know more, but include the “ask”, aka, the call to action – whether that’s donations, or asking them to share the video via social media. Sample a range of successful crowdfunding videos – learn the lingo, understand your audience, and make sure you don’t overcomplicate your pitch.


Music choices, text options and graphics all have an impact on the tone of your video, which will alter depending on your audience. Consider the target demographic investor you believe your company is pitching toward, and imagine/research the kinds of media that they digest. Maybe you need to dazzle them with visual effects, or maybe it’s best to let the message do the talking. The most important thing to remember with tone is to set yourself apart – there are thousands of crowdfunding videos out there, and your story and tone need to be distinctive enough to stand out from the crowd.

Call to action

Your CTA, or “hook”, is essential to closing the deal. Don’t be afraid to be imaginative, as well as authentic, when pitching your company and making that final call to action. Telling the audience about your company isn’t sufficient, you need to let them know how they can become a part of it, and give them simple instructions to achieve this. This should come last, so that the viewer has already fully understood your project, your vision, and the benefits to them, before you’re asking anything of them. There are endless examples of successful crowdfunding videos out there, (try here and here to see a few).

Remember to keep it short, simple and straightforward, and you’re on track to appealing to the widest and best audience for your pitch.

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