Amazon – The World’s Most Disruptive Company

Amazon – The World’s Most Disruptive Company

From a tiny idea to a global phenomenon, Amazon is an example on how a startup can become a worldwide success.

As an industry, equity crowdfunding embraces the most disruptive ideas and companies – helping early stage businesses get off the ground and become successful and broadly recognised.

Amazon is a great example of a disruptive company that continued to innovate and change retail as we know it. Founded in July 1994, Amazon has grown to become what is possibly the internet’s greatest success story due to the advantage it took of the digital boom. Amazon started as an online bookseller, and has grown into a household name, especially after its introduction into Australia in December 2017. In around 25 years, Amazon has grown into the world’s largest company overall by revenue, holding almost 50% of the USA’s ecommerce market.

Amazon Found Success By Being Disruptive

Amazon’s growth has largely been possible due to how disruptive it has been. Like many other internet giants, it has found success through making large acquisitions and taking over several other major businesses. For example, in June 2017, Amazon took over Whole Food Market for $13.7 billion.

All of these acquisitions start to make sense when you look at some of the products and services Amazon have released, which would not have been possible without these acquisitions.

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