Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Aisleworx

Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Aisleworx

Campaign Year: 2015/2016

Campaign type: NZ - Private

Campaign Duration: 229 days

Amount Invested: N$621,917.00

N° of investors: 49

Average Investment: N$12,692.18

Funded: 207.3%

Aisleworx is a digital media company that is building a powerful network of digital billboards mounted on a fleet of electronic shopping carts that also provide the world’s best family shopping experience

The shopping cart, called the FunCart, is made for families and provides prime advertising space whilst improving customer satisfaction around the shopping experience. Children love the shopping experience as they take their parents for a ride in their personal car. The FunCart also has an interior screen providing world-class entertainment for moments when parents are busy shopping or waiting in queue. Connection to the cloud allows for advertisements and entertainment to be updated remotely, ensuring fresh and relevant content. The FunCart has already had success in major US retailers including Kroger, Safeway and Walmart, with 89% of families stating that the FunCart was an ‘important’ to ‘very important’ factor in deciding on stores to visit.

Through the Equitise platform Aisleworx raised $621,917.00 from 49 investors, reaching 207.3% of their initial target. These funds will help with the development of new projects, including side screens and stackable carts, and the hiring of new personnel to move towards achieving the goal of $100m annual revenue within 6 years.

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