5 Reasons to Invest in Pacifico Optical

5 Reasons to Invest in Pacifico Optical

From a travel-inspired business idea to over $1 million in sales, Pacifico Optical is revolutionising the eyewear industry one pair at a time. Chuck on your reading glasses for some reasons you might consider investing in Pacifico. 

Expansion Opportunities

Pacifico is fortunate to have a number of expansion opportunities just waiting to be actioned. To date, the company has primarily focused on the Australian market, making sunglasses that were more male/unisex in design. While these products in this market have been highly successful, there are also opportunities for growth. 

  1. International expansion: Pacifico has sold sunglasses to 56 countries without a focus on international marketing. In particular, the US market, which is 73x larger than the Australian market,  makes up 15% of online sales. Imagine what Pacifico could do if they started to actively market and expand further globally 
  2. Female-focused eyewear: Finally, with a 67% male customer base, the company is planning to launch a female-focused line to take advantage of a major segment which is currently largely untapped. It also offers a great potential in the prescription eyewear category with 65.2% of Australian women 18+ in need of prescription glasses/contact lenses, compared with 54.8% of men.
  3. Prescription eyewear: Sunglasses represent only one part of the larger eyewear industry. The business expanded into prescription eyewear in 2018 acknowledging the high demand in that area for high quality but affordable glasses. Approximately 7 million pairs of prescription glasses are purchased every year and are tipped to increase with our ageing population. Customers of Pacifico Optical can also claim their prescription eyewear on health insurance. 

Omni-Channel Retail

Pacifico employs a variety of retail methods in order to best diversify its sales channels and access a larger customer base. The company’s primary sales channel is its online store, with no permanent physical locations keeping overheads low and efficiency high. Pacifico further leverages digital sales channels via third-party e-commerce stores including Amazon and THE ICONIC. These provide additional brand exposure and reach. Pacifico also employs brick-and-mortar pop-up stores in strategic locations, with the latest in Bondi and Paddington NSW, to build brand awareness and increase access to both warm and cold sales conversions. 

An Industry Primed for Disruption

We all know how pricey a new pair of specs can be. The reason some companies can get away with charging so much is that the vast majority of the industry is controlled by just a few massive corporations. This means they can keep prices high and us consumers can’t do much about it. Pacifico is part of the revolution in the industry, disrupting the outdated big players by providing high-quality products and stylish designs for a much lower price hurdle. In the digital age, no industry is safe from disruption, and companies like Pacifico help create a better deal for everyday consumers.

Brand Traction

Pacifico has enjoyed some impressive brand traction to date, having featured in a multitude of publications and on the heads of plenty of famous people. Vogue, GQ, Men’s Style and The Australian Financial Review have all featured the brand. So too have Harry Styles, Liam Hemsworth and Dacre Montgomery just to name a few. This is not only great exposure for the company but it’s a proof of concept, showing that Pacifico’s designs are on-trend. 

Quality-Focused Supply Chain

At less than $200 a pair, Pacifico does not compromise on quality. The company has worked hard to establish a strong and flexible multi-national supply chain that keeps costs low and keeps quality high. Pacifico has partnered with industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers. It sources acetate frames from Italy’s Mazzucchelli and Japan’s Daicel, combining them with European hinges and lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision in Germany. 

To own a piece of this sunglasses brand that’s disrupting the big players, head to the offer page. 

We always encourage you to review all relevant information on the Offer Page and Offer Document. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to the Pacifico or Equitise teams through the platform’s Q&A facility. Always consider the risk warning before making an investment.

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