1Above: “The Global Leaders in Travel Well Being”

1Above: “The Global Leaders in Travel Well Being”

Equitise is happy to announce its forthcoming raise for 1Above – the global leaders in travel well being.

1Above has chosen Equitise as its equity crowdfunding platform in order to access an Australasian investment network to assist in positioning its global rollout.

Roger Boyd founded 1Above in 2010, launching the company subsequent to years of research and development on the health impacts of flying. At the core of 1Above’s effectiveness and singularity is its essential ingredient, Pycnogenol, a natural bark extract with a clinical track record dating back 40 years of assisting in travel well-being.

In targeting the underlying causes of jet lag and travel fatigue through its hydration, circulation and immunity support, the product has changed the game for travel medication and long helped travellers beat the effects of flying. Its customer success is mirrored in its exponential 124% (CAGR) growth since its launch, priming the company for a global expansion through wider distribution and innovation. 1Above has in its sights to be a $150m travel wellness brand.

If you’d like to register for this transaction going private next week, please click on this link here - https://equitise.com/invest/comingsoon.

As always, please consider your own financial circumstances before making an investment and if you are at all uncertain that anything on the Equitise platform fits into your investment criteria, please consult an authorised financial advisor.

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