Successful Crowdfund Case Study: 1Above

Successful Crowdfund Case Study: 1Above

Campaign Year: 2016

Campaign Type: NZ-Private

Campaign Duration: 34 days

Amount Invested: N$1,856,112

N° of investors: 198

Average Investment: N$9374.30

% Funded: 104.1%

Founder, Roger Boyd, launched 1Above in 2010 after years of research and development. It was his mission to create awareness around the health impacts of flying. The key to the product’s effectiveness and outstanding success lies with the power of a natural bark extract - Pycnogenol - which has more than 40 years of clinical support in the areas of travel well-being. With its ability to combat jet lag and travel fatigue through hydration, circulation, and immunity support – 1Above has helped travellers world-wide hit the ground running and beat the effects of flying.

Since launch, 1Above has experienced high growth of 124% Compound Annual Growth with a FY16 revenue of NZ$2.4m. The product is available at over 250 distribution points across 32 airports in New Zealand, Australia and North America and the company looks to expand into over 3,700 new locations as well as develop online distribution channels with major online retailers. To help realise this growth which has been estimated to bring in $12.8m in revenue in FY19, Equitise investors joined venture capital funds Movac and K1W1 in a capital raise. 1Above successfully raised N$1,856,112 from 198 investors through the Equitise equity crowdfunding platform.

The latest updates on 1Above are strong, delivering $2m revenue at the end of FY18, achieving a 14% revenue growth compared to FY17. They also expanded their product, turning it from a travel recovery to a “Performance Hydration” that can improve not only the travelling experience, but also every day activities. Online sales and kiosk sales grew by 56% and 11% respectively compared to 2017. The company also launched new products into different stores around New Zealand and they increased their awareness and engagement through events, PR and social media campaigns. Some activations included summer campaigns with Uber Eats and Spotify, which helped 1Above grab an 8% share of enhanced water over summertime.

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